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Painting Bear Fur – Technique Video and Pattern

bear fur

My painting world opened up when I discovered the Bringle Blender Brushes from Scharff Brushes.

For most of my painting life I have heard and read about using an ol’ scruffy brushes to make fur on animals and leaves on tree tops…..but it takes a long time to ‘create’ an ol’ scruffy brush… what do we do in the mean-time ?

…….ah, Scharff.  I love you.  I love all your brushes but specifically the Oval Bringle Blenders….whether well worn or like new ~ they create the best fur!  

and not only are they good for fur they are the ‘bestest’ dry brushes……but that is for another post and another story.

bear fur 6

You can purchase the brushes thru  I do have a favorite set listed under my name if you would like a nice set of brushes…..just sayin’.  The specific brushes for this bear fur I used are a 6, 8 or 10 Oval Bringle Blender

Oh! and if you’re wondering what ‘Bringle’ is….these are brushes created by one of the most talented Artists I know, Ronnie Bringle.  I have had the privilege of painting with Ronnie at a few Seminars.  She is the best.


So you have your brushes ready…..let’s get started. Click below for a pattern created for you!  

bear with a heart

bear fur 5

and now let’s get started on bear fur, enjoy the video…..and all its quirks!

Was this helpful?….feel free to comment here or on Facebook or thru an email if you have any questions…..always here to help and share our love of Art!

I hope what you take away from this video is  ~ how to load your brush by wetting and squishing, using a dirty brush of loaded color after color, turning and rotating your brush to not create a perfect pattern….and placement of color, darkest to lightest!  

bear fur 3

When finishing your design… is fun to see whom you will meet at the end of your paintbrush….be creative with noses and eyes….adding personality!

bear fur4

Check out a few acrylic bears on the Acrylic Pattern Page,, We’ve got Bee Bears, Boo Bears and Beaner Bears!

bear fur 2

….and to our SDP Chapters, YES, this would be an awesome memory box painting!

bear fur

Enjoy and Please Share!  ….like what you see?, click around, add your name and follow me!  Let’s be creative friends…..

this post contains links ~ all opinions are my own, no compensation was received.


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22 thoughts on “Bear Fur Technique

  1. Brenda Melcher says:

    Thank you for sharing your video and can’t wait to try….you mentioned you had your favourite set of brushes and to mention your name…is it just the brushes mentioned or are there others and don’t get send to Canada…thanks again and would love to sign up for future videos or newsletter if you make one. Brenda

    1. Hi Brenda! If you visit the site I mentioned on the post you will see a link to Art Brush – Scharff Brushes….I used the Bringle Blenders for the bear project….if you like Scharff brushes they also have a page for teachers brushes… will find my name there with a list of all my favorites! I would love to share with you….all you need to do is visit the blog page and enter your email address on the right side (if youre on a desktop) and click follow! Thank you so much and Enjoy!

      1. Brenda Melcher says:

        Hi Amy, I looked where you said and they didn’t show any teacher sets in your name…I do have.
        Lunar brushes that look similar, so maybe I will try those, have you heard or these they are Princeton brushes. Thanks

      2. Hi Brenda….here is the link to the teacher set…., I am sorry I haven’t used Princeton Brushes….once I used SCHARFF I was hooked!

  2. Margo ferrera says:

    Oh my…just watched your Bear with a Heart cute is he!Thank you for being so sweet to share a video & a pattern! He will be a definite “must” to create!

    1. Thank you Margo 🐻❤️so happy you enjoyed!

  3. Ann Bennie says:

    Loved watching this informative demo. Your bears have such personalities, thank you!!

    1. Thank u so much!

  4. Ann Bennie says:

    Thank you Amy, this was awesome, love how your bears have such personality when you are done!!

    1. Thank u, so happy you enjoyed!

  5. Barb Jones says:

    Love ❤️love ❤️ this video! Your bear-boy is adorable❣️

    1. Thank you…❤️❤️🐻

  6. Lisa Boivin says:

    Amy, this was such an informational video. I can’t wait to put this technique into practice. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to teach us how to do bear fur. You’re an excellent teacher. 💜

    1. Thank u Lisa! It was hard to say bear-fur a dozen times ….it felt like ‘Berfer’ in the end, lol! So happy you enjoyed! ❤️

  7. lbarbadora says:

    He is adorable! Thank you! I love Scharff however I don’t have the bringles……..thyme to shop!

    1. Happy Shopping! You’re gonna love em! Thank u!

  8. Betty Thurman says:

    Thank you for the video. Love the brushes.

    1. Thank you for watching…..enjoy!

  9. Thanks for sharing Amy, I have not painted Bears for a long time but I am sure I can use this technique in other ways.

    1. Enjoy and Thank u for watching!

  10. romaland says:

    Awesome sauce! And THE AMY goes to….AMY MOGISH! Thank you for sharing.♡

    1. You are very welcome….enjoy 20 minutes of bear fur fun!

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