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valentine 6

Yet another creative surface ‘sigh’…..doodlin’ on the icing of a sweet cookie!
Have any of my Decorative Art Friends tried their hand at Cookie Art?  My friend Cheryl Jones of Cheryl’s Craft Crumbs ~ makes the prettiest Artful Cookies…..ask for her friendship on FaceBook and you will see what I mean…..her Art and Cookies are the best!

I tried my hand at Cookie Art thru a Workshop at the Tamaqua Art Center with PamKakes. The cookies were prepared ahead of time for us….since the icing needs to be firm to ‘create’ the design……Once I started doodlin’, I fell in love (see below).

It was yet another way to create using my Decorative Art skills.


And just like any other type of Art ~ I was hooked immediately.  I couldn’t wait to try this at home… I did.

I prepared my own recipe for cut-out cookies ~  find the recipe here. And then prepared the icing ~ purchasing meringue from Wilton and followed the recipe on the package.  Adding water by the teaspoon to change the consistency as needed.  If you would like to learn how to create the icing for the surface~check out Utube and search for ‘flooding cookies’.

Then let the cookies set several hours until firm …..this is the hardest part, the waiting.

valentine 10

I then created a few simple designs using Food Color Marker…(shown below).  They can be ordered thru Amazon or picked up at Michael’s Crafts…..Thank you Ellie for my set!

valentine 13

I still need practice with the edges around my flooding….it is all in the consistency of the icing ~ but practicing sure is fun…and tasty too!

 I am now saving my pennies for cookie paints…and I have an idea so stay tuned in!

valentine 11
valentine 6

……as if there isn’t enough surfaces for our Decorative Art skills, lol!

Imagine the possibilities…

valentine 5

Whip up a batch of Artful Cookies, have patience while the icing dries, then start doodlin’ and enjoy creating on a new fun surface!


This post is part of a ‘bigger’ post…..there were so many parts and pieces….. it grew!  Get ready for Denim Painting, a Sculpted Snowman Angel and a Classic Curated Valentine Vignette!

8 thoughts on “Doodlin’ on Sweet Cookies

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  2. How wonderful this is! I sure love your quest for creativity! 😀 I would love to do these, too and I am in awe of the beautiful designs possible. It looks like you are off to a ‘Sweet” start, my friend. We’ll be watching! <3

    1. The cookie recipe is tasty too…..and way fun! Thank you my friend!

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