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Do you carry your own bags to Market?

When the super markets started providing bags to save the environment from the plastic waste ~ I became one of those folks….toting the bags to shop.

oh my gosh….do you remember when ‘this’ first came about ~ super markets were not allowing you to use a competitors bag in their store?…..yes, that was a thing…..funny as that was.

I just loved how nice these bags packed ….so much better than the plastic bags.


Welp, it has been a while and my Market Bags were looking a little ‘worse-for-wear’ ~ so I put my creative hands to work and made my own market bags….and now my shopping is lookin’ a little more stylish!

bags 1

Create Your Own…….

While searching for the perfect bags….be sure to look for something sturdy like canvas with a nice handle length and a flat bottom.  I found these market bags (shown) thru the Tote Bag Factory … natural and black.  Not to mention I purchased a few other fun items….like cotton drawstring bags….who could resist?

 Then select a few of your favorite photos and print them onto image transfer paper.  Be sure when selecting this paper to choose either ‘for light fabric or dark fabric’… makes a difference.  The type of transfer I used is  ‘Jolee’s Boutique’ Easy Image, found at Michael’s Crafts~in the t-shirt isle.

Be sure to watch Artist Copyrights ~ if transferring painted pictures.

and reverse image if there is ‘wording’.

bags 4 - Copy

Then trim the excess from the image.  A corner rounder makes a nice finish too.

 To transfer ~ follow the package directions.  Each type (light or dark) will have different directions….don’t assume they are the same, take it from me, (insert wink)

bags 2 - Copy

As an added touch ~ measure, cut and paint a flat piece of wood or heavy cardboard for the inside bottom of each bag.    Add a rubber stamp to the flat bottom and to the back of the bag if desired…..just an added little touch.

bags 5

Now you will be stylin’ at the Market too.

bags 3
bags 6

Speaking of Market Bags ~ last year thru Classic Amy Joanne we enjoyed painting Market Bag Pins thru the ‘Going To Market Club’ ~ Click (here) if you missed it, or (here)!

going to market club 9 (2)

See you at the Market…..with style!


Coming Soon ~ Farm Fresh Snow Globes, Hippity Hop, Classic Curated Vignette-Spring, and Classic Rubber Stamps sneak peek!

6 thoughts on “Market Bags

  1. I really love this idea. I NEED to begin following this practice and bringing my own bags. I get them but then I forget them at home or in the car. I need to find a routine so that I will take them IN the store with me to USE them. Maybe if they were pretty, that would help. What a great idea, Amy! <3 Yours are wonderful! πŸ˜€

    1. Sometimes I do forget them in the car….but I am getting better at it….and now that they are stylin’ I’m gonna love it! So happy you enjoyed!

      1. Yes. You had me on Amazon looking for the blanks! LOL

      2. πŸ™‚ oh boy!

  2. lbarbadora says:

    Your always so amazing!

    1. Thank you Lynn!

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