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It was iffy ~ if the Autumn Décor was even going to happen this year ~ “oh no! What about my Autumn Vignette blog post Jerry!”

Surely it wasn’t priority over a new roof.

So the story goes.…the house had a red roof. I hated the red roof. After 14 years the red roof had to go, it was time. I started to like the red roof. I could give folks directions by it ”it is the only house on our block with a red roof”…and since all the homes are brick Cape Cods ~ it worked! But….we changed to Charcoal to better suit the home and all the ironwork.

If you want to learn something….watch and listen to Roofers. There is a lot to learn and I am not talking about how to patch a hole or lay tar down. I am talking about friendship and teamwork.

There were pick-up trucks parked this way and that way, if you rolled down Meadow Ave ~ you couldn’t miss them. Nine guys in total came to help out that day. It is what good friends do for each other. They were all good friends of my husbands. Not that they were not experienced, they have done plenty of roofs together, but most importantly it was friends helping friends. They had each others backs, picked on each other, worked hard and together, each taking their part ~ it was teamwork at its best. Friendship at its best.

While they worked ~ our home was cleaned, I said a lot of prayers for their safety, delivered water, made lunch for 9 hungry men and added Autumn Vignettes.

The timing wasn’t right for outside décor between the roofers and the rain. But I did manage to muster up some seasonal décor from past years. It was time to change out the Summer (and dare I say Spring), clean and get ready for cozy blankets, hot cocoa, casseroles in the oven and the warmth of Autumn.


Capturing the warmth of vintage copper, gold and silver, along side an ironstone bowl filled with pea-pods, dried sunflowers, Autumn corn, acorns, and such.

……and simply placing bunches of Autumn fillers and fluff onto iron coat hooks.

A rug hooked chicken from my good friend Rupa. Along the creative journey ~ you meet the bestest of friends, so generous and giving.

Adding a few fall touches to the hutch….inside and among the ironstone.

If you have followed along on FaceBook, you may recognize the ‘green childs play house’ ~ it was a favorite pickin’ find. A little scrubbing and it fit just perfect. Paring it with my growing collection of vintage green books. Pairing ‘green’ with all the denim blues looks great! Oh…and the pumpkins too!

and the end of this tour is actually the beginning of our home. The entryway….after 14 years we are not sure what to call this area ~ a foyer, a mud room, and entryway or an all season porch. This is usually the catch-all for left over décor. Changing it little by little as time allows and will reveal later next year once it is complete. Just look at that bench seat….a fun post will be coming with a how-to, it’s a custom build ya know!


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and Enjoy!

Coming Soon ~ Pilgrim Bread Baskets, Gingerbread Gift Bags and Tags, Cotton Pick Wreath with Holly, Christmas Recipe Card Project, and way so much more!

2 thoughts on “Autumn Vignette 2019 & The Roofers

  1. Oh! How I love your decorating! 🙂 What a beautiful and cozy home you have. One of the best part of being an artist and designer is the ever-changing surroundings we call our ‘homes’. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope: a beautiful design that never will look the same again!

    Thank you for sharing, Amy!

    1. Oh I love that Sheila…a kaleidoscope! So true! Happy it is not just another job to me…but a passion! Thank u

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