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To Thanksgiving Dinner that is….

I’m not sure about your family but in my family the women organize dinner. We start about a month before organizing the time of day we can all gather and then begin requesting favorite dishes from each other and creating the menu….who brings what. We typically sit in our Church Pew after the service on Sunday with our note pads ~ it is like a little meeting.

It is usually the same every year….because we all have our favorite dishes from each other.

Then we add on dinner rolls and drinks to whomever is willing.

We all use our best dishes, servers and baskets to present the meal.

This year….I am thinking of creating a little ‘leftover basket’ for everyone holding dinner rolls and jellies might be a perfect addition to the meal or a next day morning breakfast.

Creating the ‘leftover basket’ for dinner rolls was quick and easy…..

It was fun Finding the cutest lined baskets for you and for me…..and having a local wood cutter make an insert for the bottom, makin’ it special. Simply adding a piece of scrapbooking paper to fit over the insert. Leaving the paper loose making it easy to change for the Holidays!

The lined basket with insert is available to you below….simply add scrapbooking paper!

Wood Basket with Liner and Insert

11 x 5 x 3 Wood Basket with Liner and Wood Insert Basket $12.00 each and Shipping $15.00 (if additional baskets are ordered shipping cost will be adjusted and refunded)


My Grandfather ended his meals with a piece of jelly bread. Love to visit these memories.

The beautiful linen ribbon is from a friend across the miles, France. Her shop, linens, painting and photography are exceptional. Her site is like eye candy. I am loving the new linen aprons available, along with the dyed linen ribbon. You can find France by clicking (here).

When I received the linen ribbon from France I just knew it would be prefect wrapped around a sweet homemade gift ~ making it perfect with the new ‘Classic Cling Rubber Stamps’…..especially for these dinner roll baskets.

The Pilgrims ‘Lady and Gentleman’ are shown here.

And just for you as a Thanksgiving treat….until Thanksgiving the couple will be available to you at a special price ~ sold as a set of 2. Click below.

Classic Cling Pilgrim Rubber Stamps – Set of 2

Set of 2 Rubber Stamps – 1 Pilgrim Man and 1 Pilgrim Woman ~ includes $5.00 shipping cost ~ available at a special price until Thanksgiving 2019 ~ see individual description on Shop Tab


You may also purchase the complete set of 10 Classic Cling Rubber Stamps~ always $1.00 off each and shipping charges $5.00 for all. Making it a great savings!

Classic Cling Rubber Stamps

Set of 10 Classic Cling Rubber Stamps ~ See individual descriptions on Shop Tab $50.00 for all $5.00 shipping


To view the complete set of 10 and individual stamps ~ click (here).


The sweet flowers in the photos are from a sweet friend…..Thank you Ellie!

Imagining a million ways to create with this ribbon, the basket and the rubber stamps….simply by changing the scrapbooking paper, changing the dinner rolls to sweet cookies or cupcakes, and changing the stamp to fit the Holiday!

This would make a great ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ gift too.

Simply Enjoy.….and don’t forget the dinner rolls.


Coming Soon ~ #cajrecipecardproject Christmas!, Paper Bag Gingerbread, Stylish Holiday Table with Paper, Homespun, Heartfelt and Handmade, and Charlie Brown Christmas

2 thoughts on “I will bring the dinner rolls

  1. I love this post! I love seeing you put together all of these handmade TREASURES to make memories! What brilliant ideas! Thanks for sharing your creative mind with us! <3

    1. Thank you so much Sheila….never ending ideas as you know! Love our creative life!

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