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The Recipe Card Project

Curious what it is? Check out our first Recipe Card Project by clicking (here). In a nut shell ~ the projects are created in Paint & Pencil ~ once a month and released to you in a blog post ~ where you can purchase a PDF copy to create and join in on the fun! Really any surface will do ~ but we especially like Vintage Recipe Cards….hence the name. After you have created a fun piece simply share with us on Social Media and mark your post with a hashtag #CAJrecipecardproject

A #’tag is a gathering place for all who want to join ~ simply search for the # name and all our projects will appear in one location on Social Media.

Honey Bun Recipe Card Project

Truth be told ~ I was stumped on what to name this piece…it kinda looks like a glazed honey bun, but yet it has icing and cinnamon ~ like a cinnamon bun…but could it be a sticky bun? I’m stickin’ with honey bun.

I have been wanting to create a honey bun in Paint & Pencil for a while now….ever since the release of the all acrylic pattern ‘the bakery’ ~ shown below.

And finally here it is…..

A future ‘Pant & Pencil’ piece with bakery goodies would be fun, oh my goodness. Best not to work hungry.


Would you like a copy of the ‘honey bun’ pattern? Simply click below to purchase. The pattern consists of a one page how-to guide to painting and penciling with a supply list as needed and a simple line drawing to reduce or enlarge for your purpose. Once payment is received and email will be sent. Photos can be used as reference from this blog post…..easy, peasy.

Honey Bun Recipe Card Project ~ one page PDF how-to email

YES! Sign me up for the recipe card project ~ project #5’Honey Bun’! I understand I will receive a 1 page instruction guide with a supply list and line drawing within an email from Amy.


click below to view a how-to video on adding the hi-lights, shading, details and the smudge of icing! I was trying to be quiet so my hubby could hear the tv….if you didn’t notice, lol!

The trick is to work thru the center of each ‘swirl’ with the hi-lights layering each color and then burnishing all colors. Then do outside edges on both sides of each ‘swirl’ by layering the shading colors. Don’t forget the final cinnamon on the ‘swirl’ itself and the glaze icing to the top…..then add a layer of icing with paint and its complete! Of course the video is done a little messy and a little quick…..take your time and I just know you will love the results!

Wouldn’t it be fun as a painter to purchase a cookbook and add paintings to the book itself, or make a book marker, or add a hand-made paper cover or insert new pages with paintings….maybe even with photos of family gatherings or hand written family recipes…..a nice idea to be passed down thru the generations…..oh the ideas.

Collect all the recipe card projects by clicking (here) ….we have quite a collection started!

Don’t forget to share on Social Media……. and Enjoy!

hope your not hungry for honey buns now, lol!


Coming Soon ~ Valentine’s Day Warm & Cozy, Chocolate Covered Cherry Recipe Card Project, and Blue Easter

4 thoughts on “Honey Bun|Recipe Card Project

  1. Jane Allen says:

    Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks with pencils. Happy new year!

    1. Happy New Year!

  2. Just adorable, Amy! It would go great with my coffee! <3

    1. Makes me hungry too, lol! Happy you enjoyed! Thank you!

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