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This is our hash tag….to share our recipe card creations thru Social Media!

But before we get into that….what is the Recipe Card Project?

The Recipe Card Project started as another idea that swirled around in my head for a while…….and grew like a snowball rolling down a hill, larger and larger and larger it became. I actually had to sit down with a pen and paper in a quiet room and sort out what my purpose was and how this was going to work… let me explain a little about the idea and how it grew…..and then how it is going to work.

With a love of vintage, a love of recipes, a love of sentiment and a love of creating…. no surprise there I guess, I thought, why not share Art thru creating with vintage recipe cards.

When the idea was first shared on FaceBook ~ I received all kinds of comments on how ‘not to destroy Nana’s treasures’… me I am not asking you to do that, but simply to make a copy or hunt down forgotten recipe cards at Estate Sales….I found mine thru Etsy, no sentiment attached.

….and the snowball started to roll.

What about creating on blank recipe cards too?….heaven knows no-one uses those anymore.

oh’ and what about vintage cookbooks?….continuing to roll….and what about old appliance manuals?….and rolling…or plain paper or a blank journal?…..yes, the snowball is now monster size, can you picture The Snoopy gang hanging out of all ends of the snowball.

Oh my gosh….now what? How was I going to share this idea with my creative friends? ….Well a blog of course, and a pattern for sure, but how could we share instantly? This is where the hashtag comes in…..we can share thru ‘marking’ it with a hashtag (it is like a search engine on social media)……and the snowball rolls.

Then thinking….how can it be purposeful and interesting for you to create? How about using copies of treasured family recipe cards, or using the cookbooks like a journal….or even a blank journal to look back on. Ok, this was gonna be fun…..rolling along.

oh’...and a video too…..explaining bits and pieces of the project!….rolling.….Oh’ and how about a ‘Starving Artist’ sale!

~ And this is the Recipe Card Project ~

a place to share our creations thru Social Media, a place to learn thru the blog, patterns and videos, and a place to purchase originals.

My hopes are ~ this will bring you Joy thru sharing and creating. Making a gift, framing your work, creating a journal or working with vintage…..sharing with friends.

The images you are seeing here are the same design created on all kinds of fun surfaces! There is a vintage recipe card ~ coordinating the recipe with the subject matter of course, also blank ol’ recipe cards, pages from a appliance manual, blank painted paper and of course a vintage Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and Art Journal….waiting for the pages to be filled.

What fun surface will you be creating on?

Enjoy this quick video below on ‘Penciling over Acrylics’ ~ and techniques!

Would you like to purchase the pattern? Click below ~ once purchased an email with a PDF will be sent to you! This is a one page instruction guide to creating ‘Pumpkin Fritters for Pumpkin Critters’ with supply list, instructions and line drawing!

Recipe Card Project ‘Pumpkin Fritters for Pumpkin Critters’ Pattern PDF Email

YES! Sign me up for the recipe card project ~ project # 1 ‘Pumpkin Fritters for Pumpkin Critters’! I understand I will receive a 1 page instruction guide with a supply list and line drawing within an email from Amy.


Let’s share thru Instagram and Facebook too! Add a hash-tag to the end of your Social Media posting #CAJrecipecardproject

Then every once in a while search #CAJrecipecardproject on Social Media to see the finished projects!….easy peasy!

Would you like an Artist original? Below are 2 options to purchase your own ‘Starving Artist’ original by Amy….that’s me. Each card will be signed on the backside ‘from the Starving Artist’………get it, food art – starving Artist? lol!

The cards are suit-able for framing…..I have my grandmothers recipe cards framed in my dining room, homespun and sentimental for sure!

There is only 1 of the vintage style card….and a few of the blank recipe cards available. Get em’ while they’re here!

Please Note ~ I promise to remove the Vintage Recipe Card Sale as soon as sold… quickly as I can. Please have patience this is the only way I know how to make this available and fair :). If several folk are interested at once ~ I will choose the earliest time and date. The remaining folks will be refunded. Thank you for your patience.

Vintage Recipe Card – Pumpkin Fritters for Pumpkin Critters – by Amy Mogish

Original Art by Amy Mogish – signed and dated. Only one available. Shipping is included.


Blank Recipe Card – Pumpkin Fritters for Pumpkin Critters – by Amy Mogish

Original Art by Amy Mogish – signed and dated. A few available. Shipping is included. On image ~ this is the card to the back of the photo.


Below are a few Recipe Card Projects coming up! I will be sharing once a month (fingers crossed)….with no end in site! looking forward to sharing with you!

Will you be joining us for the Recipe Card Project? Let’s be creative together….makin’ a happy place to meet and play!


Coming Soon ~ Finding Your People, Fire Company Chair Make-over, Pillow-Talk, Santa’s Baubles Ornament Painting Club, Home Studio Gatherings, Classic Cottage for Autumn and Classic Cling Rubber Stamps

16 thoughts on “Pumpkin Fritters for Pumpkin Critters|Recipe Card Project

  1. Marcia King says:

    I found the perfect surface for this project at Target in the dollar section. They are wooden recipe cards. Three different choices, pumpkin pie, apple pie and pecan pie. I bought 10 of them.

    1. This sounds absolutely perfect! Guess I need a trip to Target! Enjoy!

  2. Penny says:

    Thank you so much for such a creative idea. I have so been wanting to create a vintage type cookbook of favorite family recipes. This might just be the “golden ticket” to the beginning of a beauful project “from the heart”. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you Penny! Making it personal ~ makes it extra special🙂 enjoy!

  3. I love it!! I just have too many projects in the frying pan at this time.😊

    1. It will be here when your ready! Thank u so much! Enjoy your projects!

  4. This is such a cute and versatile idea! I really think it will be a great success! <3 I always love your 'little critters'! <3

    1. Thank you….it is a quick project and will look great on any surface 🙂

  5. teresamnj says:

    This is such a great idea! Loved your lesson, and the mouse on the pumpkin is too adorable!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments so happy you enjoyed!

  6. Deborah Hegarty says:

    So cute, Amy and thank you for the video tutorial it helps so much!

    1. You are so very welcome! Enjoy!🙂❤️

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