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My hubby and I sit down to dinner almost every night in our living room….using snack tables we received at my bridal shower almost 32 years ago. They wobble we fix them. They are a part of our story.

This is our time together….it may not be a traditional table setting but is certainly tradition to us. It is our time to catch our favorite shows….in the beginning it was recordings on VHS of ‘All My Children’, then once that left the air (devastated I was)…we turned to another favorite ‘The Waltons’. Then once that left the air ~ and leading up to today we watch episode after episode of ‘Blue Bloods’ (gotta love Tom Selleck)…..although it is about crime, it also has family love, traditions and Prayer.

So ~ not a traditional movie or table….but dinner on our snack tables ~ is always familiar….always comfortable, and feels like home to us.


Dinner typically includes trying new recipes….tonight we are serving up a new favorite, Beef and Onion Piroshki!

I will say to Jerry ‘is this a keeper?’, and he will say ‘yes this is a keeper’.


This recipe can be found in ‘Taste of Home’ Ground Beef Magazine….among other ‘keepers’ we have tried!

Including Cheesy Meatball Sliders

….and if you have been following along on FaceBook and the Blog you can catch a few recipes and yummy photos

and a few yummy baked goods too

Depending on the Recipe ~ I will share, if it is mine……if not I will share the source. Who knows, maybe we have some of the same cookbooks!

I have a collection of cookbooks ~ like I do painting books. Always something to do ~ Art & Home.

Do you enjoy Baking for Holidays?….click ‘here’ for the softest cut out cookies you will ever eat!

You can find ~ baking for ‘The Recipe Card Project’…and other food ‘painting’ adventures ~ ‘here’ and ‘here’.

The ‘May, Recipe Card Project’ is coming next weekend!….below is a sneak peek….oh and I will be sharing the Recipe for Peanut Butter Butter Squares!

As you can see the photos are still being edited.

It is not your traditional table, just my hubby and I enjoying our favorite shows, conversation after a long day at work….and good food.

We share a good life ~ he does the laundry and I do the cooking. It’s a Good Deal.

Dinner & a Movie!


Coming Soon ~ May Recipe Card Project Peanut Butter Butter Squares!

8 thoughts on “Dinner and a Movie | Snack Table Dining

  1. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    Hi, Amy. I sure am missing classes but we are all having to stay home to be safe. Enjoying all your blog posts. I used to ask my husband if he liked a new recipe, too! Just about moved in to the new house and have gotten my craft area set up. Was putting away all my colored pencils away yesterday and was thinking of you. Stay well!

    1. Soooo happy you are enjoying your home! I miss seeing everyone and creating together….hopefully soon 🙂….so sweet that your husband and you shared the same fun ….even the smallest things become great memories😊……stay well and safe!

      1. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

        Thanks, Amy!

  2. Charlotte S Fletcher says:

    Traditions are so nice to have. I think it is important to share time together as a family. Yes, Tom Selleck…heavy sigh. I LOVE Blue Bloods, and those table scenes bring back memories of my family…well, except we were not Catholic! 😅😂🤣 Bless you, my friend…big hug.❤

    1. Mmmm, kindred at heart…heavy sigh 🙂 hugs!

  3. You inspire me in so many ways! These all look fabulous! I hope to do some cooking today. Thanks for all you share with us, Amy! <3

    1. Another hobby🙂…enjoy your day for you….and cooking!

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