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It is time once again for our ‘Recipe Card Project‘ ~ the month of June is all about creating a Strawberry Shortcake and a Crock!

If you are new or an ol’ friend to the ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ blog….you are so very welcome here. A place to enjoy all things Art & Home, so happy you stopped by and hope you enjoy the follow!


If you are new to the ‘Recipe Card Project’ ~ it is a Paint & Pencil project which arrives each month to the blog pages with an inexpensive pattern project sheet to purchase with a line drawing and instructions to create a fun piece. I have been creating on vintage recipe cards…..’cause I love all things vintage, but you however, can create this same design onto any surface….just for practice, a gift or a wall hanging, whatever your heart desires! The blog also comes with pretty photos for inspiration, and a quick how-to video.

Be inspired….get creative!

Let’s create together…..Strawberry Shortcake & a Crock!

Purchase your very own copy today ~ gather your supplies and enjoy!


Strawberry Shortcake & A Crock ~ 1 Page PDF How-To Email

YES! Sign me up for the recipe card project ~ project ‘Strawberry Shortcake & A Crock’ ~ I understand I will receive a 1 page instruction guide with a supply list and line drawing within an email from Amy.


And here is a quick video about creating the details of the strawberry….with some fun too!

…a little fun tidbit about this design… youngest sister Kristine loves strawberries and I can remember a time when we picked wild strawberries as kids in our own backyard….they were about as big as your pinky fingernail, but yummy ~ i miss those simple times, and cherish the memory.

The crock is for my Mom, she had collected crocks at one time. The few you see in the photos are borrowed from her home….but I think they are looking pretty cozy in my own kitchen, insert wink.

See the image above….anyone curious to know what Chilled Prune Whip is, lol!

….and the strawberries were to fresh not to take a few extra photos around the kitchen :).

Learn more about the Recipe Card Project (here), our very first project and post!

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Summer is here and the Strawberry pickins’ are good…..Enjoy!


Coming Soon ~ Studio Office Update, A Charming Welcome ‘Santa’s Coming’, New Pattern Release & a Lucky Charm Recipe!

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