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One idea leads to another.

It is typical that salt dough gingers (read here) , would lead to gingerbread scented candles with gingerbread labels, that would lead to cork gingerbread house gift tags and then creating gingerbread house marketing for photos. Yep, typical for a creative mind or over-active imagination, found thru Classic Amy Joanne.

and then lead to yet another part of the business of Classic Amy Joanne.

but for today….let me share with you about creating the ‘homespun, handmade and heartfelt‘ gingerbread candles.

Last year, if you recall my hubby and I made candles as gifts (read here) ~ we really did enjoy making them together, I will admit though I didn’t put much thought into the actual candle and put more thought into the packaging , I just wanted it to be pretty after-all.

~ so this year I decided to really dig in and learn about the art of candle making. As my Mom says ‘it’s all or nothing’….she knows me.

I took a small course on candle making and then read a lot of good information. Let me tell you….it is not about throwing a wick into wax and dropping a few drops of oil in ~ it is so much more. There is taring the scale, picking the right wax for the right size container, using the correct wick for the wax and fragrance, mixing and measuring scents by percentages, the amount of scent throwing from certain wicks…..and so much more.

I felt confident enough to order supplies thru Candle Science. I ordered enough to make 36 15oz candles ~ wax, wicks, jars, lids, labels and scents to mix.

…and we made beautifully scented soy wax candles ~ that look pretty too.

Sure to be ‘Homespun and Heartfelt‘.

My family and friends will now be the ‘testers’ of the first candles from the ‘professional’ batch of Gingerbread House & Apple scented candles…..oh’ and they look sooooooo pretty too. If this works out ~ the Classic Candle Co will be introduced in 2021.

Each ‘Classic Candle‘ will tell a story from a painting or life experiences with scents to match. Giftsets will be created too ~ I am bursting at the seems with coordinated creative ideas!

...trying not to get ahead of myself.


These candles would make nice ‘Door Knob Gifts‘, (read here), whether making your own or purchasing. Can you picture them tucked inside a canvas bag? homespun and heartfelt for sure!

Did you see the gingerbread house gift tag?

Created with rolled cork (purchased at Michaels). first create a Gingerbread House Template, then trace and cut enough gift tags for each candle. Then paint the design using DecoArt Acrylic Light Buttermilk Paint . Punch a hole in the top and string with baker’s twine. I added little bells too, for extra homespun charm.

You may use this Gingerbread House Tag Image as a template and painting guide.

Did you spot the Gingerbread House Wall Hanging Display Piece? It was created to look like an Ol’ Time Shop Marketing….you can catch more about creating Marketing in 2021 thru this Blog, including how-to create this piece!

Whether it be candy, cookies, fruit, a simmering mix or candles ~ create a ‘Door Knob Gift‘ this Christmas Season and make it special for your family and friends.

Make it ‘Homespun, Handmade, and Heartfelt’ this Christmas Season. Warm someone’s heart with a handmade candle and personal gift tag.

Read thru a few more ‘Homespun & Heartfelt’ Blog Posts from previous years (here).

Have yourself a Merry & Bright Christmas with Homespun, Handmade and Heartfelt Style!



Coming Soon ~ It’s a Wrap (little paper houses), Organizing a Day Planner, For the Love of Marketing, Closing the Shop, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Gift Sets, My Nana’s, & Classic Candle Co

….and some extra photos, smile.

10 thoughts on “Homespun, Handmade & Heartfelt 2020|Classic Candle Co

  1. Lynn Barbadora says:

    You are absolutely amazing!

    1. So sweet of you! Thank you!

  2. Judy says:

    I want a gingerbread candle. It will make my home smell like I just baked! Looking forward to purchasing.

    1. Thank you Judy! I will be sure to let you know once the ‘test’ run is complete 🙂…..merry Christmas!

  3. Sharon T says:

    Love, love ,love the gingerbread house gift tags..of all the items in my stash, I don’t have a sheet of cork at the ready…might have to don the snow boots and head on over to Michael’s -thanks for sharing Amy!

    1. Oh my! Pull on the boots and get shopping! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh WOW!! This is lovely, Amy! I am so happy to see you branching out. They are awesome and I wish you all the best with this new leg of your business. I know I will be wanting to sample some! <3 Merry Christmas to you and your hubby! <3

    1. Merry Christmas and Thank You!…..ah, the gift sets include your specialized work ❤️🙂😘

  5. Debbi says:

    Oh my goodness you are a busy girl! Love your ideas and energy!

    1. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

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