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If you have been following along ~ we enjoyed the Green Eggs last week, but we were missing the Ham. …….Here is the Ham to your Green Eggs.

Ham & Tomato Pie

your tastebuds will just love this combination of flavors.

a flaky crust, tomatos, onions, ham, cheese with a creamy blend of goodness.

Begin by layering the onion, ham and tomatos over a flaky crust glazed with mustard, then add the creamy blend and cheese….and ready for the oven.

Be sure to freeze the leftover Ham from Easter, then wait until the tomatos are freshly picked and you will have a delicious homemade dinner.

This recipe is from a Southern Living Cookbook among my Collection. You can find a similar recipe by clicking (here), found thru Pinterest.

If you have enjoyed my selection of tried and true Recipes shared thru ‘Snack Table Dining‘ on this Blog, most recipes are created thru my Cookbook Collection, and then there are times I work thru my Foodie Pinterest Board for ideas.

You are welcome to visit my board and enjoy a few clippings too. You can find my personal Pinterest Board by clicking (here).

Your family will just love this combination of flavors. Ham & Tomato Pie, Yum!

As always, Enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “Ham & Tomato Pie | Snack Table Dining

  1. That looks so yummy and comforting! <3 I love seeing your recipes! Thanks for sharing, Amy!

    1. Definately comfort food! So much needed 🙂 to nourish my the mind and body ❤️…..thank you Sheila!

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