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Oh my gosh, how cute!’ the new Mom-to-be said with excitement!

Enjoy showering a new Mom-to-be at her Baby Shower with a one-of-a-kind handmade gift using our ‘Chirp & Quackers‘ new Classic Cling Rubber Stamp!

From the gift to the wrapping to the tissue paper and gift card too. A well planned coordinated gift. You will have everyone asking…..’where did you find this cute baby-line?’

Mix and Match your creation with your favorite tissue paper and ribbon from your stash….I know you all have em’! From gingham tissue to wool ties to baker’s twine to printed ribbon.

Pair the gift with a vintage safety pin and tiny white cloths pins too!

My years at Bath & Body Works were some of my favorite ~ coordinating and wrapping gift sets topped the list. I do miss those days….what a wonderful experience.

Using a purchased baby onesie ~ hand stamp the design with acrylic Multi-Surface Paint in a Light Grey, then paint the design using DecoArt Multi-Surface Paints in blues, yellows, whites and oranges. Just adding enough color to create a soft look. (be sure to launder clothing prior to painting).

With each stamp purchased you will receive a ‘watercolor guide and how-to video’ to create, using acrylic paint as the ink for the stamp. The gift bag and tag (shown) were created using this same technique.

The tissue paper shown was also hand-stamped using acrylic paint as the ink.

Purchase your very own ‘Chirp & Quackers’ Classic Cling Rubber Stamp (here), on Sale for a limited time. Collect them all ~ and purchase the complete set (here)!

Your ‘free’ watercolor guide and how-to video awaits with each Stamp purchase!

A thoughtful handmade gift, a keepsake for sure.

Can you imagine the Possibilities?

Create snuggly blankets, tiny pillow cases, and even a cozy satchel or hand stamped socks…..all created with one Classic Cling Rubber Stamp….making it a Cozy Baby Collection ~ not available at any big box store….oh’ and don’t forget the invitations too!

Chirp & Quackers were first introduced at Easter 2021, read more (here)!

The tie-on ornament will make a fun addition to your gift.

How about adding a Vintage Pull Toy ~ like Abigail’s Duck?

Find the pattern (here). And the pull-toy (here).

So many ideas with the new Classic Cling Rubber Stamps ~ more to come from punch needle, to felted decor to traditional hand stamped gift tags.

Living the Creative Life….from recipes, to home decor to handmade gifts for any occasion….even cute little baby gifts!



coming soon ~ Sausage & Apple Recipe and Table Setting, Chocolate Peanut Butter YUM, The perfect Green to compliment Denim, a new Book Review, Serving Thanks Classic Chalk Art, the Toymaker and the Gingerbread Baker Acrylic Pattern and so very much more!

4 thoughts on “‘Chirp & Quackers’ Baby Gift & Wrap | Classic Cling Rubber Stamps

  1. Barbara says:

    What a precious design and gift for Mom-to-be! So many wonderful possibilities! Now you have my wheels turning! Wish I knew a Mom-to-be….

    1. Thank you! A fun project for sure 🙂

  2. This came out so cute! Any new mom would love them! 😀 Thanks for sharing, Amy! 😀

    1. Thank you! Chirpy chirp!

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