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September is in the books ~ we enjoyed refreshing cooler temps and the excitement of Autumn and dare I say Christmas projects, were swirling about…..planning, dreaming, making, doing, creating….well, you get it.


This post will happen Monthly ~ ‘Inspired Creative Living‘ ~ it will replace ‘Social Media Weekly Recap’ ~ reviewing the previous months happenings ~ you know the in-between creative fun, meant to inspire creativity with Art & Home.

Inspired Creative Living


September held some hope when the hunt for Duck Statues came to an end. Our neighbors shared with us a local Statuary Shop, pretty much in our backyards, and we didn’t even know it.….we fell in love with this Momma and Her Ducklings.

……. a few more ducklings and her little family will be complete.

She just needs to settle in and weather a bit….at the moment she kinda looks placed and not feeling quite at home, but she will, give her time.

It was chickens or ducks….ducks seemed fitting for a cottage, my thoughts anyway. Progress is being made to the front of our Cottage-y Home, read the plan (here).


There were also small home improvements made to the inside, as time and money allowed.

One thing you can be sure of is everything is ‘subject to change’ in our Cottage.

We found the perfect tile for our kitchen, fabric was purchased to make dining room curtains, toweling was used to make a cafe-style curtain in the kitchen and decisions were being made for the perfect green color for our dining room table….. now that is progress.


Our good friends Lisa, Jack and Dallas operate a Pumpkin Farm ~ J & L Shafer Farms in Tamaqua Pa. I simply just love visiting…..and their menagerie of pets and farm life too.

Pairing purchased Pumpkins and Mums for the front window boxes…. on the list this September.

Typically lining up pumpkins as shown below, but this year will look a little different….Asters and Green Squash, atta-do it.


As part of my new ‘Growing Slow’ life style (book by Jennifer Dukes Lee)…..I have been walking. Good for the body and mind. Good habits take time, working on it thru September.


It was a month of creating and typing new designs ~ while newer designs swirl around in my head. The word ‘bored’ is not in my vocabulary.


The October Newsletter was released with In-Studio Class Gatherings ~ be sure to join our mailing list to receive your monthly copy ~ and think about joining us to create in the Studio!

(Click Here) for Workshops!


Did you see our four new blog posts thru September?

Filled with creativity and good eats, from homemade peanut butter to apple & sausage stew!


and yet again, when you think your bucket is not full or you just have not completed any thing on your to-do list…..ta-da, you did it!


And keeping with another new habit I enjoyed a new book in September.

And yes my book of the month includes magazines and cookbooks….just smile and nod, please.

The book is the Amish Community Cookbook.…purchased for the Hamloaf Recipe. It gave me more than Hamloaf….it has tips on laundry, cleaning and home care too.

The Forward was interesting as well, learning about Amish life and some history.

And other than a mouse-in-the-house and a mini-tornado damaging our patio set, our September was pretty quiet.

What did your September hold, any happenings you would like to share?

Inspiring each other thru…. all things Art & Home, Enjoy!


Coming Soon ~ Ghostly Pops, Peanut Butter Fudge, In Studio Open House, Book Review, and more.

6 thoughts on “Inspired Creative Living ~ September 2021

  1. Barbara says:

    Love your new window box display, although I do believe those are mums and not asters. 😉 There is something about purple and green together….

    1. Good to know! I didnt think to much of purple until I paired it with green….a fun combo!

  2. Your designs are just wonderful, Amy. I look forward of things to come. 🙂

    1. Keeping you busy Sheila….😉 thank you!

  3. sharondobbs says:

    Ham loaf? Wow! Sounds interesting!😄

    1. …delicious too with Pineapple Glaze!

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