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If you have been with me long enough, you know that I enjoy creating in ‘Series’ or ‘Collections’ of Paintings made for a purpose.

Sharing time and time again that Art is not only to showcase on a wall.

Homespun Snowman‘ is part of our ‘Charming Welcome Series of paintings. Painted in acrylics, then paired with a wreath to welcome your guests at the front door. …..a Charming Welcome for sure.

This Series started with ‘Matilda’s Coming Home’ and followed by ‘Santa’s Coming‘ ~ learn more about each of these Hand Paintings and Wreaths found ‘here‘ and ‘here, and pattern purchase ‘here‘ and ‘here.

Let’s Create a Homespun Snowman Together

Homespun Snowman‘ in Acrylics ~ on January 13, 2022 thru Artful Webinars Zoom Class, here.

Purchase the 10″ Bevel Cut Frame available thru Sheila Landry (here).

A pattern will be made available in April 2022.


Sometimes, well in my mind, it is hard to separate Snowmen from Christmas Decor…and for that matter pine wreaths from Christmas, as well….but really pine trees still exist in the woods long after Christmas and Snowmen are still built thru the Winter Season…..this Homespun Snowman Wreath is perfect for Winter Decorating!

To create the Welcoming Wreath, gather from your own crafty stash of goods

You can learn a lot about your own style while collecting from your crafty stash of creative goods. My collection shows a love for vintage, blue, homespun, warmth and charm.

Such items collected to compliment the wreath were ~ wool fabric bundles, denim rag ties, dried button flowers, wooden spools, vintage tags, wooden cloths pins, a wicker basket tray, a pine wreath, ticking ribbon, baker’s twine of course…..and even dryer balls….. really why not?

After collecting, lay it all out and then add and take-away this and that until it is pleasing to the eye. Then using wire ties, secure each piece together….beginning with the basket and the wreath. Of course the possibilities are endless….let your own style shine thru!

Tip ~ use wire ties instead of glue to secure where you can, then each item can be used for a different purpose. For example the Wicker Basket is used for serving and the Baker’s Twine is used to wrap packages…..well, the dryer balls are obvious.

Add a metal picture hook to the back of your painting and slip the wire thru to secure to the wreath.

What do you have in your crafty stash of goods? What do your items say about your style?


Painting, then Creating the Wreath….homespun and charming for sure.

Invite your family, friends and neighbors….welcome them with a ‘Homespun Snowman‘ wreath….it will be a Charming Welcome for sure.



coming soon ~ Homespun & Heartfelt, Santa’s Treats Door Knob Gift, and so much more!

6 thoughts on “Homespun Snowman | ‘A Charming Welcome’ Series

  1. Deborah Hegarty says:

    Oh! He is so cute! And I love how you are showcasing him!!

    1. Thank you so very much! He is a cutie!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Love this guy. Heavenly created

    1. Thank you Bonnie…so much fun to create!

  3. This is a lovely collection! I think I like the snowman best so far! <3

    1. Thank you Sheila…me too!

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