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Better catch up Amy….November is almost in and your still dreaming of and doin’ October projects! This time of year flies by with so many ideas and things to do!

Inspired Creative Living
, October Style.


The hubby and I squeezed in (I was the go-for) a HUGE project in the midst of all the happenings and work schedules! We changed up our tile floor for a slate tile floor in our kitchen ~ I am so smitten with this new addition….next on the list are the curtains in the dining room and painting the dining room table.

little by little….our DIY home is coming together.

Does anyone else plan big projects during the Holiday Season? ….raise your hands.


Outside winter prep is still on-going ~ we dried most of the Zinnia’s on their stems and then clipped and saved for next years planting, for family and for friends alike.

These Zinnias were the last little bit ~ spread out on a boot tray by the heater….there is still some green in the stems and hoping they make it for next years planting.


I have gotten way ahead of myself with reading a book a month….in October I read thru ‘Everyday Faith’ Magazine by Daysprings and used it as a study guide on my Faith Journey. I believe the magazine is available 4 times a year. Enjoying each edition.

When I say I have gotten way ahead of myself….well, you can see a few more books are started~ each for different reasons….Enjoying any Creative Business Minded books, Magazines with Christmas, Books about Home Life and simply cannot get enough about Encouragement and Faith.

Is it possible another hobby was created? Is it collecting or reading books?


One of my best friends has been helping me get caught up with my work….and if she is willing to basecoat a lot of surfaces I am willing to make a yummy breakfast for her. This ‘Pumpkin French Toast‘ Recipe is from the Blog ‘Inspired by Charm‘, you can find the post (here).

Tracy ‘hand picked me’ in first grade to be her friend (so the story goes)….I won’t calculate the years, but that’s a lot of friendship moments. Tracy and her Sister Sherry have their own Creative Business called ‘Sister Stash & More‘, they have a long family history of Antique Collecting and Sales. Their shop can be found on Ebay (here).

Of course lovin’ the Doll House just listed…and partial to the Pepsi Shirt too.


There has been a lot of Creativity behind the scenes thru October….Baking, Painting, Organizing, Planning, Newsletters, Workshop Schedules, and Blog Postings for the up-coming Holiday Season!

Stop by our Workshop Page to see all the new Happenings ~ In the Studio, at our local Art Center and thru Zooming!

Did you receive our November Newsletter?… is filled to the brim with Christmas Activity! Add your email address to the pop-up box to receive your monthly copy.


Here is a little look at what you may have missed thru October on this Blog.

And what is to come.

Also, our much loved ‘Recipe Card Project’ in Paint & Pencil is 1/2 price ~ click here to Shop, all designs.


There are tons of Halloween Fun Blog Posts too…crafts, paintings, sweets, decor and make-do’s!


What did your October hold, any happenings you would like to share? We’re settling in for the Winter. My favorite time of the year.

Inspiring each other thru…. all things Art & Home, Enjoy!


Coming Soon ~ Painted Cookies, Door Knob Gifts, Elfie Selfie, and so much more!

This post will happen Monthly ~ ‘Inspired Creative Living‘ ~ it will replace ‘Social Media Weekly Recap’ ~ reviewing the previous months happenings ~ you know the in-between creative fun, meant to inspire creativity with Art & Home.

4 thoughts on “Inspired Creative Living ~ thru October 2021

  1. Inspiring for sure! Would love to see pics of the finished kitchen floor. Sounds amazing! And books! Chris was an avid reader. I like to read, but reading was his life! Do you supposed that influenced his decision to become an English teacher? And so many different genres, same as you. He had started a book club after his first wife passed away and, of course, I became a member when we married. What a wonderful journey it has been! Blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. a beautiful journey. So happy our paths have crossed, Blessings!

  2. So many wonderful and creative things! It is a joy to see! <3

    1. Thank you so very much for following along the journey!

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