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As an Artist it is a scary thing to put your Art ‘out there‘. All the ‘what ifs’ start to filter into your mind….it might be the same for a Chef with a new dish, a Baker with a wedding cake or even a Plumber with a new valve, lol….Our Art is so personal and so much apart of us that putting it ‘out there‘, as something of value (to sell) is soooooooooo hard to do.

Art value cannot be figured by hours worked or supply cost, but by ‘heart’ value… a treasured heirloom.

what if I fail? Oh, my dear, but what if you Fly!” ~ some of the best advise I have received as a Creative Business Owner and Artist.

…and so here it is, sharing my Originally Designed Art

A new Shopping Category has been created on this site to share Originally Designed and Painted (or Penciled) Art from the Artists hands……that’s me.

Stop on by for a visit to see two new ‘Art Board’ pieces available to you, click (here). UPDATE: SOLD, THANK YOU, MY HEART IS FULL. I WILL BE SURE TO SHARE MORE ORIGINAL ART SOON, KEEP WATCHING.

The Art shared thru this Shop Category is also available as patterns for you to create too!


So what do you do with an ‘Art Board’?

Well, it is suitable for framing

….but I think it is also super creative to place an Art Board within a display, or add to a shelf, or add a few upholstery tacks and add it to a wood cutting board….so many possibilities to display ‘Art Board’ Art.

and, one less nail hole in the wall.

However you enjoy Art ~ thru visiting an Art show, taking a Class, or purchasing an Artist Original, simply Enjoy.


Coming Soon ~ Inspired Creative Living April, Happier Than, Paintings to Punch Needle Art, and Flower Frogs.

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