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It’s May 2022 ~ really!?!?!?!

We have been continuing on with our organizing projects started last year at home and in the Studio (here) ~ and we are at the fine tuning stage, along with our life-style too.

Sharing more about Fine-Tuning soon with links to favorite Blogs, Podcasts, Books and References too!

Here are two posts links to enjoy, if you missed them ~ organizing your grocery list (click) and calendar (click)!

… a way we are always fine tuning, aren’t we?


Studio Happenings

The Studio pretty much is always in transition…but with Workshops happening again it is time to make thing’s new, pretty, bright and refreshing!

First up, since our Candles are our newest feature at Classic Amy Joanne ~ why not show them off with a new built in hutch! We are almost finished….adding new skirting, new shelving, new moldings, a few pegs and marketing, then she will be ready for stocking and sales!


New Product

Makin’ Candles again, our second and newest candle has just arrived (click here) …..Cottage Kitchen!

Cottage Kitchen is a mix of home grown apples and homemade fresh baked cake… irresistible fragrance.

Available in our 8oz jars and melting tarts, along with votives and our new Cottage Jars too….gift packaging coming soon!



I am currently reading a few books ~ from creative biz, to Faith, to….yes cooking!

But today…let’s share Hope’s Table by Hope Helmuth.

And so far hands down, this is the best written cookbook, especially for anyone new to the kitchen.

For example…

Hope shares a ‘Steak Hoagie’…well really ~ isn’t it just cook and assemble? But Hope breaks it down from how to choose and season the steak, to timing, to what the steak should look like at different stages, along with being beautifully photographed. This one is a keeper and you can find her book (here).

PS ~ the BBQ meatballs are tasty too.



If you have ever worked a 9-5 office job ~ you know about the pot-lucks, Friday pickin’s, or birthday month celebrations. Those certain dates when the list goes up on the common-area for everyone to add something to bring. You know the lists…..

And thru-out my time in any office setting, when the list was presented I was always told what to bring…..’those brownies‘.

I recently made ‘those brownies‘ to enjoy and freeze some…and of course photograph to share with you soon, sure to be a quick favorite!


Home Projects

Still dreaming and working out details for the dining room, kitchen chalkboard wall and foyer windows…but now I have my heart set on creating a photo wall.

This came about while reading Liz Marie’s Blog Post (here) ~ about our gazzzzzillion photos left on our devises ~while the art of displaying photos has gone by.

As a memory keeper ~ having photos on display to get lost in, will be a fun addition to any room.

So many ideas…..


Creative Happenings

One thing you can count on ~ there is always something creative on the work table.

This month finds me working on the Keepsake Journals, Candle Holders, and fun new surfaces like shown above.

…..can you guess what they are?


Website Updates

my business… and my heart.

My hopes are that the website will make you feel at home, a place not only to shop but to sit a spell and linger a while, a place to enjoy all things Art & Home.

Here is what is New …and for you.

The Creative Keepsake Journal ~ have you heard all the buz?….come see what it is all about ~ click (here).

Find a Zoom Class for each Keepsake Journal ~ (here), Christmas and Halloween.

Not sure where to start your creative journey with Classic Amy Joanne?

Join us to watch and learn without the cost or commitment….thru a FaceBook Live Event ~ one Friday each month, come learn the Art of Paint & Pencil ~ click (here).

And each week our old patterns and new are being added as downloads to the Shopping Tab!

Click (here) to see our Painting Clubs ~ on sale for a limited time.

(see the option to have a printed pattern mailed within the item description).

Summer is here….grab a mason jar, a bendy straw and some fresh squeezed lemonade, prop your i-pad up on to the side table and enjoy all that Classic Amy Joanne has to offer. (click here for fresh squeezed lemonade).


2 thoughts on “Inspired Creative Living ~ May 2022

  1. You always have such cute and inspiring ideas. Your home is sure beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. <3

    1. thank you Sheila!

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