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Nothing says summertime like a goooooey s’more made around a campfire!

It was always a sweet ending to a fun day at the camp grounds ~ to gather with family around the campfire and share ol’ stories told 1000 times before, all while roasting our marshmallows on a stick to make s’mores.

This month thru Toletown (found here), an on-line creative community and source for inspiration ~ you will find ‘Gimme S’more‘ ~ an acrylic piece (pattern & how-to video) created to give your next camping adventure an artful touch!

Simply paint ‘Gimme S’more‘ onto a basket tie-on (ornament) and bag label ~ and then add marshmallows, a chocolate bar and graham crackers to a cello bag ~add the bag label, for a sweet treat served-up creatively!

Then add the ornament (available here thru Sheila Landry) to ‘Gather-Round’ a basket filled with individually labeled S’more treat bags to grab-n-go!

Create the treat bags by using a double-sided scrapbooking paper cut to fit the cello bag, then fold into 3 sections with the longest portion to the backside. Add your hand-painted label to the front. Then add graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows.

Tie it up with string and you’re ready to gather with friends for a sweet treat!


The Ornaments and ‘Gather Rounds’ have been featured thru-out this Blog, and thru Patterns and our popular ‘Door Knob Gifts’ as well ~ click around ~ to find inspiration!

Gimme S’more ~ a favorite all-American go to summer treat, create this treat bag and ornament for an Artful touch!

enJOy !


Coming Soon ~ Flower Frogs, Painting White, Campfire Candles, and More

2 thoughts on “‘Gimme S’more’ thru Toletown

  1. What a great idea for camp-outs, picnics, any summer-time fun!

    1. absolutely! Enjoy!

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