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Sometimes as Creatives we ‘go the round about way’ just to be creative…. to have something be handmade instead of store bought.

(why spend $10, when you can spend $100 making it, ~ if you are a creative you get it)

As Creatives we full well know that everything we create is available in some way or another as a store bought item. From knitted scarves, to chalkboards, to chocolate fudge, to Christmas cards, to crafted ornaments, to the gift wrapping too ~ But we create em’ anyway.

So why not dye straw for our gift wrapping, a fun way to coordinate the gift with the wrapping ~ and yes I know, crinkle paper straw is available in colors as store bought.

Funny how life changes as the years roll on ~ Like Elizabeth Walton’s Character from the Walton’s Family TV Series dreamed of a store-bought doll during the years of the Great Depression, from Ike Godsey’s Mercantile, the doll her Mom made was not the same ~ Today store-bought is right at our finger-tips everywhere and as Creatives we dream of anything but. Mom’s handmade doll would be a treasure.

Recently, I Dyed Straw and Strawberry Baskets to match our handmade Cottage Jar Candles (purchase here).

This wrapping project is quick, easy and handmade.

The Cottage Jar Candle Gift was simply coordinated from the Candle Label, to the Handmade Washi Tape, to the Match Sticks, to the Baker’s Twine, to the Straw, and the Strawberry Basket too.

Coordinate Your Gift and the Wrapping ~ Dying Straw and a Basket!

Here’s the How

  • You will need ~ Gallon Zip Lock Bags (one for each color), Vinegar, Food Coloring (colors of choice), and Natural or Packaged Straw (available here). Also a wood-chip Strawberry Basket (available here), if desired.
  • Place the Straw into the Zip Lock Bags (one bag for each color to match your gift), drop in a tablespoon or two of Vinegar, then drop in a few drops of Food Coloring and ‘smush’ the outside of the closed bag until the color is distributed. Open the bag and lay the Dyed Straw onto newspaper or packaging paper to dry.
  • Dye the Strawberry Basket in the same manner or paint a coordinating color.
  • Once Dry ~ assemble your Gift!

Not hard at all, takes very little time, uses on-hand ingredients and you now have a pretty coordinated gift….handmade and heartfelt.

and no it doesn’t smell like a salad, lol.

Will you be coordinating pretty wrappings with dyed straw for your Christmas Gifts? I just know you want to try it!

….always all things Art & Home, Classic Amy Joanne.


The Christmas Season is here with so much creativity to share ~ seasonal fudge, mustard jar confectionaries, woodland table settings, a holiday tour, a nature wreath, golden bells, vintage stockings and more!

Be Merry.


5 thoughts on “Dyed Straw and a Basket Gift Wrapping

  1. This is so beautiful! And, yes, you have me wanting to try it!

    1. Would love to see! Enjoy!

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