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Happy Easter

Lets Create an Easter Table Celebration over the next few weeks ~ from dying eggs to a table setting to pretty place setting gifts to a delicious brunch idea.

Sharing ideas from our home to yours, Easter Traditions.


I just adore a vintage egg cup, how ’bout you? ~ so many pretty styles and designs.

Egg cups pretty much serve one purpose when used for Dining… hold an egg.

And since it’s an Easter Tradition to dye eggs ~ an egg cup is a perfect showcase for our beautifully dyed eggs, one for each place setting.

The Egg Cup shown is a reproduction found thru Marmalade Mercantile, and fits nicely into our table setting of everyday dishes, vintage additions and dollar store finds.

Similar Egg Cups (found here).

Simply just add a bit of straw to your egg cup (found here) dyed to your favorite color using this method (found here).

Then add your Dyed Egg. So pretty.


Last year found us dying our Easter Eggs Green (here), and the year before a beautiful Blue (here) ~ each dyed with everyday kitchen veggies and such.

This year was no different, our ‘Yellow Egg’ ~ is dyed with Turmeric.

Simply hard-boil your eggs, as many as desired.

Then add 2 cups warm water to a bowl, add 3 tablespoons of Turmeric and 1/8 C of White Vinegar ~ then add the hard boiled eggs

let set (or refrigerate) until desired color is reached

~ the longer the egg sits, the deeper the color.

So Pretty inside our Egg Cups!

This Easter Season, try naturally Dying Eggs and finding the perfect Egg Cup for your Easter Table Setting.

be sure to join us next week to create a pretty place setting gift for each of your guests.

Make Yourself A Home.

You’re always welcome here, please make yourself at home.


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  1. Beautiful colors, Amy. 🙂

    1. thank you Sheila 🙂

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