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Other than the given, Being Thankful for Faith in God, Marriage, Family, Friends, Food and Shelter, I am thankful for the gift of Creativity.

For Creativity has provided an outlet for good and sad times, has been a true ‘friend’ maker, has provided gifts for giving, something to teach and share, a reason to travel, something to look forward to daily, and has even provided an income.

~ it truly is a gift to Create, and for that I am Thankful.

For the Food We Eat ~ Creativity in the Kitchen

For the Creative Business Plans, Making ‘things’ Pretty for Shopping and Gathering in the Studio.

For the Designed Patterns We Create….Together.

and for the Crafty-Blog Posts and Candle Making too

and most of all I am Thankful for You, my Creative Friend. Making it possible Everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving


Posting today to simply wish you a Happy Thanksgiving ~ with images of Creative Projects and Postings of past favorites and new ‘Coming Soon-s’! Bring on the Merry…coming next week!

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