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Over the past several years I have learned to enjoy and experiment with cooking, baking and freezing food. Whether it be all-out from scratch, creating quick meals to grab and go, or making pretty food for a gift.

In our neck of the woods ‘Cabbage Recipes’ are a mainstay in our kitchens with Haluski, Halupki, Perogies and even Lakeside Potatoes on our menus. You will even find each dish served at local festivals and Church events. My Hubby worked at a local Cabbage Farm thru his teenage years. He also ‘jars’ sauerkraut with …

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If you have lived in Pennsylvania all your life as I have, especially near ‘Dutch’ Country, then I am sure that you grew up on Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking. Although my Mom tossed in a Spaghetti Meal once in a while, we were meat and potato people. My Dad was a meat and potatoes kinda guy….as …

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