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We’ve spent years perfecting the perfectly plump burger and the cake like cookie and along comes a new trend in baking and cooking…..just smash everything ~ paper thin is in, who knew?

Finding myself curious….’well if Martha is doing it, it gotta be good’. I decided to be the ‘smash test dummy‘ ~ taking one for the team.

Smashing everything from Burgers to Cookies to Potatoes!

After reading many recipes from one smash burger to the next ~ the common idea is to make your own favorite burger recipe and then smash the burger patty between pieces of parchment paper until it is super thin, then fry, grill or bake. Really.

It was good ~ but I’ll take my plump burger any day.

PS ~ my favorite burger mix is ~ a pound of hamburger 85/15, a package of onion soup mix and a few shakes of worcestershire sauce.

A ‘Thin and Crispy Cookie’ is on-trend says the latest Baking Magazines. Ok, I’ll bite. (Martha’s recipe found here).

Although I can’t say they were all that bad tasting, I think I will stick with my cake like cookies ~ (the cookie cookie recipe found here).

….but oh my word, can you say Butter?

And Smash Potatoes ~ I’ll keep these on the menu, been making them for many years and find them delicious.

Using red or white small potatoes ~ Simply just boil the potatoes until tender, then drain and toss onto a baking sheet, smash each potatoe with a fork and drizzle with olive oil.

Most times adding just a touch of Kosher Salt will do. But any seasoning could be added…..maybe even sprinkling parmesan, yum.

Then bake approximately 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

Be Trendy, Just Smash ’em up and Eat ’em up!


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