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As a Designer for ToleTown (found here~ a fun painting subscription) ~ for the month of May the creative theme for each project is ‘color outside the lines’ ~ mmmm, what fun could we come up with?

Looking no further than my own stash of surfaces from Sheila Landry of Tole Painting Designs (found here) ~ were these perfectly created scalloped round ornaments used for many of my projects ~ but, how could they be used differently? …. and how could it tie into this months ‘theme’???

And the ‘Cookie Keeper‘ was born, by using a small scalloped round and a large scalloped round (two hole version) ornament (found here) ~ and then simply wrapping twine thru the holes of each ~ stacking a pile of cookies a mile high in-between! How much fun is that!

You-betchya there is going to be a few versions of this fun idea, more ‘Cookie Keepers‘ Please!

If you have followed along for a while you know that we just adore creating coordinated ‘Giftables’ ~ and what better way to give a gift than with a Cookie Keeper, filled with a stack of cookies!

But how could this idea be made extra special with thoughts of our theme ‘coloring outside the lines’?

Welp…how about painting the cookies too….coordinated of course!

Following this Cookie and Icing Recipe (found here).

And then using ‘Sunny Side Up Bakery‘ Squeeze Gel Color purchased thru Hobby Lobby (similar found here) and a set of Wilton Brushes just for this purpose, (found here).

These cookies add an extra sweet surprise inside the Keeper!

Enjoy this quick ‘how-to paint the cookies‘ video.

Each ‘Cookie Keeper Gift‘ would make a fun Door Knob Gift or as a Cottage Classic Giftable too (read more here)!

A Creative Gift Idea for sure ~ enjoy all we have to offer thru the Blog Pages of Classic Amy Joanne, exclusively ours ~ check back often for more Cookie Keepers and Cottage Classic Gifts, how sweet it is!

Heartfelt and Handmade, enJOY


Find the ‘Cookie Keeper’ Painting Pattern and Video Lesson thru Toletown, beginning in May 2023.

…be sure to stop by our Shop Tab and Workshop Tab for ‘Gatherings’~ join in on all our creative fun, exclusively here at Classic Amy Joanne.

4 thoughts on “A ‘Cookie Keeper’ thru ToleTown

  1. What a cute, “sweet” idea!

    1. would be a fun ‘friend-day’ project! With Sweets to eat!

  2. Caroline says:

    Amy these are so cute! But not too cute to eat. 😉 Will have to try these with my grandchildren. Thank you 🤗💕

    1. Happy Creativity! Loads of fun!

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