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Been Busy ~ Crazy Busy. So Busy that it was hard to settle on a Blog Post for this week, jumping from the new Candle Scents to Baking Noodle Pie to Inspired Creative Living….there is so much Creativity to Share!

But first, let’s share all the Creative Fun to be had thru Zoom Gatherings and In-Studio Fun too!

We’re scheduled thru 2023 and seems like we’re adding more by the moment!

….no kidding we just added a date to do Yoga with Alpacas with Classic Chalk Art on the side at Helana Farms ~ told ya this was going to be fun! stay tuned in!


Makin’ Little Makers Zoom Gatherings

Join us to create our ‘Little Makers‘ ~ a fun opportunity to learn the art of Paint & Pencil

Our ‘Little Maker’ Kits are available (here) and make a perfect gift ~ or join us and create onto any surface ~ watercolor paper is perfect and will make a sweet personal gift tag!

Once Registered you will receive a pattern with a supply list, prep instructions, a link for our ‘Gathering’, tips and techniques, instructions with finishing, a line drawing and photos too!

Check out our collection of ‘Little Makers‘ Projects so far (here).

Find our new ‘Little Maker‘ schedule (here), save the dates!


Pencilin’ with the Pencilin’ Peddler

Classic Chalk Art ~ Zoom Gatherings

Entertainment Art was all the rage for a couple of years ~ maybe still is. Our Classic Chalk Art was created for just this purpose thru our local Art Center (read here).

We are continuing on today ~ just because we had way to much fun!

Classic Chalk Art is simply colored pencil on wood ~ created with a painted chalkboard background. When the colored pencil hits the wood it looks like Chalk! See our growing collection (here).

Check out our schedule thru 2023 (here) ~ save the date!


‘My Cottage Life Keepsake Journal’ Zoom Gatherings

The ‘My Cottage Life’ Keepsake Journal Gatherings will begin on June 22, 2023 ~ then once a month each month following ~ creating one page a month. Join us to fill your journal with ‘all things cottage’

~ or join us for any page and create onto watercolor board too, so many optional surfaces!

Learn more about our newest Journal journey (here) ~ scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Then Save the Date and Register (here).


Christmas and Halloween Creative Keepsake Journals

Have you seen our Keepsake Journals?

Artfully Created with or without ‘pop up’ pieces in acrylics each month thru Artful Webinars ~ join us anytime, any project, any page!

Learn more (here).

Check out our schedule (here).

wanna know a secret?…..we will be creating a 3 page spread in our Christmas Journals from September thru November!


Colored Pencil Zoom Gathering

Simple Goodness

Join us thru our Zoom Gathering beginning July 11, then each month (for 3-4 months following) to create ‘Simple Goodness‘ in colored pencil and a bit of acrylic.

Register and Info (here).


Home Studio Gatherings & Events

Whether you’re joining us in the Studio, thru Helana Farms or at our Pop-Up Events ~ we are sure to enjoy Creativity together!

Enjoy our on-going monthly ‘day’ gatherings to create a ‘My Cottage Life’ Keepsake Journal ~ beginning this July ~ click (here) for more info!

or enjoy creating ‘Simple Goodness‘ thru our ‘nite’ gatherings beginning June 21 ~ thru October, learn more (here).

Gather with us to create in Classic Chalk Art style thru 2023 ~ see our schedule (here) for In-Studio Workshops and Helana Farms Gatherings!

Do you enjoy bakery fresh scents? Visit out Candle Pop Up Shops thru the Autumn and Christmas Season ~ …add us to your Christmas shopping list!

Save the Dates (here).


Check back often….we’re adding new ‘Gatherings’ by the moment…..I’ll be getting ready to create an Alpaca in Classic Chalk Art, can’t wait!

If you missed it, click (here) for our latest newsletter!

Each ‘Gathering’ is a great opportunity to learn, enjoy the company of friends, make friends and create gifts ~ each would be perfect for a ‘Cottage Classic Giftable‘ or a ‘Door Knob Gift‘ (learn more here).

Gather With Us

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