Classic Amy Joanne

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My brain’s creative side is endlessly creating new ideas, with little rest. Sort-of like a wind up clock, the big hand and little hand moving slowly and the second hand (creative side) speeding along…only resting when a wind-up is needed…it is the way I picture it anyway.….that and a pinball machine constantly batting ideas back …

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my marketing budget is pretty much slim to none….. I recognize that it needs to exist to sell my services and goods. ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ would not exist without it, it needs to be important and done cohesively….. to be recognized and noticed, on and off social media. When your business is a ‘bunch of …

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I keep finding myself in the same situation. And thinking back at my whole Artful Journey it has been one nervous ‘working scared’ adventure after another….and each time I find myself saying ‘yes’ and thinking ‘no’ and also wondering ‘where is God taking this?’. Creating Custom Pieces