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There are about as many Spaghetti Sauce Recipes as there are blades of grass. ~*~ We do enjoy trying a new Spaghetti Sauce Recipe now and again from our growing Cookbook Collection, and of course, still enjoying our ol’ favorites too ~ leaving many ‘dog-earred’ cookbook pages to enjoy again and again.

One of our ‘winter projects’ this year was to add more storage to our tiny kitchen. Now this may seem like an impossible idea, because you see, I could stand in the center of the kitchen and touch the walls, cabinets and appliances with my arms wide open in all angles….but it’s not impossible with …

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Chicken Snips, Baking Clips & Spring Pics that is Chicken Snips My favorite Chicken Shredder from Pampered Chef; after many years of devoted service,….just wasn’t up to the task any longer ~ and as every home maker does ‘now-a days’ I searched Amazon for a quick solution until I can order a new Pampered Chef …

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