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You’re my cupcake pick!


How it all came together…..

The ‘Snowman Charmers’ were lined up across our worktable, the noses and arms had just been added and were ready to be packaged for an order and it had me thinking…..

‘The Charmers would make cute cupcake picks…….wouldn’t they?’

….and the Classic Snowman Cupcake Picks were created ~ a dowel was added to the bottom of the snowman and the screw-eye and halo were removed.

They were painted the same as the original ‘Snowman Charmers’.

The dowel was painted DecoArt Light Buttermilk with Lamp Black stripes and a Light Buttermilk vertical hi-light. 

…then styled with a black wool scarf and a sparkly heart for Valentine’s Day.


…of course you may ‘style’ the Charmers as you wish….the possibilites are endless! 

Imagine a winter baby shower or birthday party, a nite with friends for a book or movie club, or added to a cocoa bar for a sleigh ride get-together.


The cupcakes were ordered from a Sweet Friend…Linda of Sweet Treats.  Linda creates candies and cakes for our ‘Chalk and Chew’ Workshops at the Art Center….and I fell in love with her Red Velvet Cupcakes! YUM !


……together they make a fun party table-scape, delicious and pretty!


…and of course, my head started spinning with other Classic Cupcake Pick ideas….if my paintbrushes could only move as fast as the ideas come in…..stay tuned in !


Order and Create your very own Classic Snowman Cupcake Picks

The ‘Snowman Charmer’ pattern is available (shown here), $2.50 for the month of February 2017, (Charmer not included).

The ‘unfinished’ classic snowman cupcake picks, they are available to you, $2.00 each for the month of February 2017.

Send an email to to place an order with your email address for a paypal invoice and your mailing address for shipping.


Enjoy Creating!


Coming to the Blog Soon ~  Favorite Finds,  Sweet Easter Bunnies, Halloween Ornie Club and Birds of a Feather.

11 thoughts on “You’re My Cupcake Pick….

  1. Lynda Zaraza says:

    Love them. You could extend these picks to sunflowers for yellow cake, devil for devils food and white could be snowmen also. I painted 50 6X6 still life’s for a shower favor last year. They did have cupcakes and if only this had come out last year.

    1. wow 50 6×6…you were busy! Thank you for sharing, so many ideas!

  2. Very cute Amy, love them in the dowel.

    1. ….I love the stripes, a lot of fun to create!

  3. lbarbadora says:

    Those are SNO adorable!

    1. Very clever! 😊

    2. Thank you Lynn…way much fun to make!

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