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Using my favorite Chocolate Wafers from ‘Wilbur’ for the candy coating, found (here).

Then it was time to ‘do it up’ for Valentine’s Day.

I dough love you‘ ~ works perfect!

I also thought ‘these’ were pretty clever too….’You’re a dough-rable’, ‘Dough not forget how special you are’, and ‘Dough you want to be my Valentine’!

Then spending a whole-lot-a time enjoying all the vintage Valentines found thru Pinterest ~ reminiscing about making Valentine Boxes in grade school from shoe boxes, for that special day of sharing a Valentine with each person in class.

It may have been the beginning of learning about sharing and even organizing….I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my Mom selecting and writing out each Valentine for every classmate, picking the perfect card for each person.

I also can remember my siblings singing ‘Amy and Scott sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G’….as I wrote the cards. Scott Houser was my very first boy friend in first grade. He gave me a Hershey Park Ring and I wore it proudly.

Sweet Memories.

I soooooo wish I would still have at least one box of those Valentines. I do have many grade-school papers, report cards and Art works ~ but the Valentines slipped thru.

The memories are there and that is what is important. Makes me smile.

Simply Sweet.

Click (here) and (here) for a few more Valentine Day Sweets!

Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet friends.

Warm Cookies or Cookie Dough?


Coming Soon ~ Canvas Bags and Twill Tape, Warm Your Home Candles, Home Plans and Dreams, The Mannequin, and Easter Fun!

4 thoughts on “I ‘dough’ Love You

  1. These are so sweet! I heading over to Pinterest to “see what I can see”….thanks for the info…Happy Valentines Day!

    1. Enjoy your time on Pinterest….oh boy! ❤️

  2. So sweet! I remember those Valentine’s Day boxes and decorating them so they were perfect. And, of course, the perfect card for each person in class. Do they still do that I wonder? Thanks for the memories and yummy treats!

    1. Such wonderful memories to relive! Mmmm, I wonder? ❤️

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