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I keep finding myself in the same situation.

And thinking back at my whole Artful Journey it has been one nervous ‘working scared’ adventure after another….and each time I find myself saying ‘yes’ and thinking ‘no’ and also wondering ‘where is God taking this?’.

Creating Custom Pieces

As you read about ‘The Mural’ a week or so ago~ you found that custom pieces makes me nervous. Never wanting to disappoint a client or not meeting their expectations….someone’s picture in their mind may filter into my mind very differently ~ it is not like picking a selection off a shelf. Most times it is personal and attached to memories. Get what I am saying?….

So here I am.

My best friend Sharon, I have known from the first day of kindergarten, was asking me ‘ Will you create a custom piece of my Grandparents Home?’

and there I was….. ‘Yes, I would love too’ (gulp), with a screaming ‘No’ in my mind.

After a little, well a-lotta procrastination and then a couple of talks and texts ~ I was ready to begin. Sharon provided the image below ~ This was her Grandparents Home sitting among farm fields, I remember it well. The home has since been takin’ down but the pine tree which stood for generations still remained. The property remained in the family and her cousin was about to build on this very spot ~ Sharon’s gift to them was going to be extra special ~ filled with memories. Her request was for her Grandparents Home to be created in ‘Sepia’ like something of the past and the Pine Tree to be ‘bolder’ like something new like the future.

We then determined, …….or I persuaded her, the surface should be a custom wood keepsake box for family photos, past and present. What better way to preserve memories, especially with such a personal piece with a story.

It was creative freedom for me to choose how to create this special keepsake~ I chose colored pencil for the home and acrylics for the pine tree, with a meaningful cardinal hidden in the tree.

Once started~ just like with ‘The Mural’ ~ I wasn’t working scared but enjoying the process.

Sharon chose the scrapbooking paper for the inside of the box and provided photos to adhere to the inside lid. We added faux keys to the inside and a stencil to the sides of the box.….making it a definite family keepsake for sure.

My clients, friends, family and my bestie Sharon have faith in me ~ I am grateful, humbled, and thankful for every opportunity to push me forward. Below is a picture of Sharon, Tracy of ‘Sister Stash‘, my siblings and cousins at a birthday party. The following photo is of Sharon and I a year or so ago enjoying our time together…..46 years of friendship!

ps….I’m the stylin’ one in denim sneakers, lol! Sharon and Tracy are the tall ones, some things never change!

Sharon is pursuing her dream as a writer ~ I can remember wanting to play restaurant in her moms kitchen and she just wanted to sit at the typewriter… happy she continues to write. You can follow Sharon thru her blog… ~ so happy for her!

So here I am….just as with ‘The Mural’ making myself available to you to create custom keepsake pieces, ‘Custom Builds’ by Amy Joanne. I would love to get started ~ simply message me thru and we can work out the details! Home or business, a personal keepsake or gift…..makin’ it custom and yours!

Thank you Sharon from the bottom of my heart. You are so special to me.

….and if I have advise to give anyone sitting there with a dream in their heart. Just go for it. Work Scared. The destination may be different than what expected, but the journey is the best part. Don’t miss the ride. You will see your dreams come true and dare I say more than you have dreamed of, I just know it.


Coming Soon ~ #recipecard project, Santa Baubles Club, Classic Rubber Stamps, Cookie Exchange Party Pack and so much more!

10 thoughts on “Custom Builds

  1. Lisa Boivin says:

    What a “special” piece that you created for your friend. All of your work is done by the feelings and artistry in your heart. You have a wonderful and creative side to you and we all love to see it shine.

    1. Such a kind person and comment…I think of you from time to time and hope you are well…..Art connects us all~ that is what I love most 🙂hugs!

  2. Barbara Adams says:

    Amy you are a beautiful person and artist. I get so inspired by your passion and creativity. Thank you for sharing.

    1. So happy to have creative friends….thank you my friend🙂

  3. romaland says:

    We seem to grow when we face our fears. Beautiful memories…

    1. We do don’t we🙂❤️ thank you

  4. Sharon says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I absolutely loved this. I read this with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face the whole time. Love you my bestie. Never doubt yourself Amy. You are so very talented. ❤️

    1. ((Hugs)) my bestie! Thank you for believing in me and pushing me forward….🙂Gods plan since 1973!

  5. I loved reading this post! Such a heartwarming description of how you create. It came out just beautiful! I hope you learn to never doubt yourself. You are so talented and such a special artist and friend! <3

    1. Thank you Sheila….it was made with a lotta ‘heart’ for my friend…..I am ready for more! Xoxo my friend❤️

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