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Me: “I can’t stop looking at these eggs….they are so beautiful.”

My Family: “Please stop talking about ‘those eggs'”

‘Those eggs’ happened to bring me joy for a week or so….they were the prettiest blue I have ever seen. Every time I opened the fridge there ‘they’ were….being all blue and makin’ me smile.

Being a Maker, I didn’t want to dye the eggs traditionally for the Easter basket so I looked to Pinterest….and searched for ‘indigo egg dying’…..and you will never guess (unless you already know) that boiled red cabbage (well, I would call it purple) will give you the perfect indigo blue.

If I learned anything during the process ~ I learned patience.

First chopping the cabbage, then boiling the cabbage, then adding the hard boiled eggs and then waiting….waiting for the promise that they would turn from red, to purple to the most beautiful blue.

waiting and waiting and waiting….over 30 hours or so of waiting.

and waiting even longer for the color to turn into deep indigo!

Here is the blog post to follow for the ‘egg dying how-to’….there are so many fun blogs to follow! click ‘here’, and enjoy Make Life Lovely.

We not only had beautiful eggs…but my hubby ate the cabbage with butter and bacon and we had blue tinted egg salad for lunches! ….mind over matter while eating the blue tinted egg salad, lol!

Since we are all cooped up this year and Easter may look a little different….. grab a head of red cabbage, a dozen of eggs and you will have the most beautiful blue eggs for your Easter Basket….along with a cabbage meal and egg salad for lunch!

If you missed our first Easter Blue post about making an Easter Basket, check it out by clicking ‘here’

…and up next ‘Rockin’ Rabbit!

I know, I know, enough about ‘those eggs’!



Coming Soon: Rockin’ Rabbit of Easter Blues, Bunny Patch, April Recipe Card Project and Pretty Scallops

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