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Who doesn’t love a meal that you can get two meals in one, stretched over several days and more for freezing?!! Count me in on this one for sure!

These meals are not really from any cookbooks, just assembled in different ways using some fresh ingredients too.

We decided on taco’s last Monday…..searching Pinterest for a copycat recipe for TacoBell Seasoning, having all the ingredients on hand I only needed to assemble….I’m counting this as ‘from scratch’ ~ but really it was just mixing a bunch of spices from jars instead of purchasing a premixed packet.

You can find my personal Pinterest ‘Foodie’ board by clicking ‘here’, and somewhere within all the sweets you will find the copycat recipe!

Adding the seasoning combination to a little more than one pound of hamburger. Remember I am cooking for two.

Once cooked, then assemble the tacos ~ with the seasoned hamburger, shredded iceburg lettuce, diced tomato and Mexican blend cheeses onto a soft flour tortilla.

As a side dish for the tacos ~ assemble 4 cups of rice cooked, then add drained black beans, Mexican blend cheeses, and a jar of pre-made salsa. (my hubby’s homemade salsa is not ready just yet), heat this thru until the cheese is melted. This is alot of rice for two….but you will see why in a minute.

I of course enjoyed the taco meal with my favorite Crystal Light Peach Tea mixed with a splash of Gingerale.

We then had tons of leftovers. Enough for another night of tacos….and…..

Why not make baked Enchiladas! I mean really, it wouldn’t take much more assembly, right?

Mix the leftover rice mix with the leftover seasoned hamburger and fill the remaining flour tortillas….place side by side into a greased 9 x 11 baking dish.

Top with enchilada sauce mixed with extra salsa…then sprinkle with more cheese. Bake at 350 degrees until heated thru, about 30 minutes.

And you have a perfect second and third meal with more for freezing.

Snack Table Dining will be a new category within the Classic Amy Joanne blog ~ for my love of Art & Home ….and Food too! Sharing what’s for dinner, what’s in the oven or on the table….or snack table in our case. Click ‘here’ to check out where the name came from!


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Whether from scratch or a quick assembly….good food for family meals, gatherings, celebrations or gifts…..make it homespun, homemade and from the heart!

One night of cooking for two meals and more for freezing….now that is a win!



Coming Soon~ Studio Makeover Update, A Little Nutty, Delicious Spells, Halloween Baubles Club, New Pattern Release, Getting Organized and so much more!

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