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This post is jammed packed with creative fun so let’s get right to it!

Delicious Spells is ready for you to create and make, make sweet Autumn gifts that is! Check out all the details below ~ wonderful new surfaces, a new design, a cute little pan to fit inside and even a link to the recipes!

First you will need the pattern ‘Delicious Spells’ ~ finished in an acrylic base and completed with colored pencil onto watercolor paper onto a Baby Bundt Box… worries, if you’re new to Classic Amy Joanne you can catch all these techniques, with a free pattern and how-to video using the links below!

Shop for the Delicious Spells pattern by clicking (here)…..and don’t forget to shop around and fill up your cart ~ lots of new patterns have been added!

Then you’re going to need this ever so clever Baby Bundt Box ~ designed with a wrap around side and a secret bottom that lifts out, to give easy access to the delicious baked goods! Click (here) for details and to purchase.

The Baby Bundt Box holds a 3 Cup Bundt Pan Recipe ~ purchase the perfect pan thru Amazon here!

And how about another new surface called a Gather ‘Round! This new surface was an idea presented to Sheila Landry….create an ornament style piece with 2 holes to string ribbon thru and wrap around your favorite dessert for gift giving! You can also find the same round scalloped design in an ornament style as well….simply visit Sheila at or click here, to purchase.

Both the Baby Bundt Box design and Gather ‘Round design are included in one pattern!

If you’re in the area you can also join us in Tamaqua PA on October 24th to create ‘Delicious Spells’ together ~ CDC Guidelines will be followed. Check out the details. Pattern included ~ click onto the Workshop page for more details!

If you love baking as much as I do ~ here is my personal Pinterest Board, you will find the pumpkin bundt cake recipe shown! Click here.


Although all the new patterns will be shared thru the end of this month ~ here are a couple of quick links to order.

Driving Me Nuts Acrylic Pattern

and coming very, very soon! ‘Simple Gifts’ ~ keep your eye out!


I encourage you to give it a try…. learn about Acrylic & Colored Pencil with this how-to video and free pattern ~ Click here. Then grab a shopping cart and pick out a few favorites to create!

Curious about adhering watercolor paper to a wood surface? Click here.


Pick up a Pencil and a Brush and Enjoy!

Coming Soon ~ Going Nuts Acrylic Pattern and New Surface, All New Pattern Release with Sculpted Pumpkin, August Recipe Card Project, Homespun Wrapping Paper for Baby, and so very much more!

Oh….and keep a watch out for Zoom Classes thru Artful Webinars!

2 thoughts on “Delicious Spells

  1. Jeannine says:

    I LOVE working with you and learning so much about art! I never knew I could enjoy doing this ! I stepped out of my comfort zone and my BOX suddenly became so much bigger. I cannot believe how much happier and productive I have become. It is my outlet in this crazy world and also life. It is a gift that I found accidentally for myself that is priceless. Thank You Amy and friends for helping me to find a new piece of myself that I will forever be greatly blessed by. My husband is too Lol!!!!! I would strongly recommend anyone to try and maybe find out they too have found a new passion.

    1. Thank you Jeannine! …..and the paintbrush created another priceless friendship! …..and we get to create beautiful art too!….and have way to much fun!

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