Vintage Yellow Duck ~ Colored Pencil Technique

Another look at vintage classic style in colored pencil!

cp video 7

This post is jam-packed with a colored pencil pattern created to share with you, a colored pencil technique video, a guessing game, a few places to click and visit and a quick sale too….glad you stopped by, enjoy!

Whether you are penciling on mi-tientes paper, a grocery sack (always ask for paper) or painted watercolor paper….the technique  is all the same…..take a look-see, a technique video created just for you!

So what do you think?  Pretty easy huh?…..give it a try, what are you waiting for?  If you have tried the Classic Chalk Art (penciling on wood)~ you will love this ~ just takes the layering a few more steps!

Click below for a pattern created just for you! Supplies, instruction and line drawing included.  Give it a try…..

Vintage Yellow Duck

And here are a few close-up photos

cp video 3

CP Video 1

Add the paper to a small gift box, and then create a small gift tag using the same pattern…..This will be an Easter gift for my niece Abby ~ who just discovered coloring!  This box is the perfect size for her crayons! I will make sure to toss in a few yellow crayons….she loves yellow!

If you missed the post on how to adhere watercolor paper to a bentwood box click below

 bentwood boxes can be purchased thru, they carry beautifully finished wood!  They also carry many other supplies needed for the Arts.

If creating the box shown…be sure to add the paper prior to painting and penciling (only to the top).  I added the chalkboard lines all around the lid and outside, running my white pencil along all edges and including a small alphabet to the bottom.

cp video 5

and if you know me….you know I love to line the inside of a painted bentwood box with scrapbooking paper (and hope to add a blogpost soon about it)…..which paper do you think I will choose from the above choices?

Each one has its own charm…..

join me in the FaceBook Group ‘Painting with Amy Joanne at the Clubhouse’ to see which paper I have chosen….click here to join us. 

… share your finished Vintage Yellow Duck penciling projects too.

cp video 2

Sure hope you enjoyed and learned something new…..from the technique video, the pattern or even the guessing game!

From now until April 1, 2018….enjoy $1.00 off any Colored Pencil pattern….click below to view the patterns.  email to order….use sale code ‘VINTAGEYELLOWDUCK’.


Up Next ~ Lining a Bentwood Box, Studio Re-do Updates, a Technique Video ‘How to Read a Pattern’, Classic Amy Joanne Updates

cp video 4

cp video 6

18 thoughts on “Vintage Yellow Duck ~ Colored Pencil Technique

  1. Hi Amy, Really enjoyed your video/ pattern on the vintage duck! It is so cute! Thank you so much! I have been wanting to try colored pencils for sometime now. I have a question about sharpeners and as to which is the best for Prisma color pencils. Can you make a recommendation? Thank you again so much!

    • Hi! Thank you so much and enjoy creating the pattern! The electric sharpener I use is a Bostich and the hand held is just a small cheap school house metal sharpener…..if you watch my facebook page this week I will post a quick 1 minute video on the sharpeners! Enjoy!

  2. Excellent video and, as always, so much information. Definitely will,give my pencils another go. Thank you for the lesson.

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