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My hubby likes baked potatos ~ I like mashed potatos ~ He says Potato, I say Potato. They say opposites attract, must be true.

What better way to compromise than a twice baked potato.

We have our ol’ favorite recipes from cookbooks and magazines (….you know, before Pinterest was a thing) that we make regularly. In our home, it is alot of Paula Deen and Rachael Ray. Cookbooks were on Santa’s wishlist each year early in our marriage.

This Recipe for ‘Cottage Potatos’ came from Paula Deen, it is included in her May 2008 Quick & Easy Meals Magazine ~ which you can still purchase here. As you can see my magazine is much loved. (See my thoughts below on sharing the actual recipes).

This recipe starts with a twice baked potato.

Then the beef topping is made. There are several topping options for the twice baked potatos within this magazine issue, each one is as good as the other, we’ve tried all of them!

Mushrooms were a part of the recipe but I did not add them….it takes a special someone to enjoy a mushroom….in my opinion, lol!

We then assembled and enjoyed our ‘creative’ meal ~ of course served onto our Snack Tables, as tradition has it. You can read more about our ‘Snack Tables’ here.


And of course leave room for dessert!

When I bake one, I bake two. One for now, one for freezing. You know, since we had to purchase a freezer…you can read more about that here.

This will become a quick favorite ~ Pumpkin, Banana, Chocolate Chip Bread

Baking recipes are more precise than in cooking….but I do make some choices with flavors and tweek a recipe now and then. I absolutely love the flavor of pumpkin….but typically omit the spice. This Recipe can be found on Pinterest, pinned to my ‘Foodie Board’. Always happy to share my board of favorites ~ click here. ~ the recipe is titled Banana Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread by

…..and adding extra chocolate chips is always a good thing.

and before you knew it ~ it was gone. Yum.

From Dinner to Dessert thru Snack Table Dining. Enjoy!


My thoughts on sharing recipes ~ As a Creative Homebody I enjoy sharing my ‘Foodie Photos’ along with Art & Home. Out of respect to all the Foodie Creatives and their recipes (and their lively-hoods), I will honor all copyrights noted in each magazine and cookbook used, sharing only the Source (and most times where to purchase). Being a Creative myself, I am hopeful that folks enjoy my Painting Patterns and respect my copyright and my lively-hood as well. I hope this clarifies my reasoning and I do hope you continue to enjoy the occasional recipe shared here on the Blog ‘Classic Amy Joanne’. It is all meant with joy in my heart to enjoy all things creative with the respect to all Creatives. Thank You.

Coming Soon ~ New Pattern ‘Never Enough Twine’, Organizing the Organized Day Planning, Homespun and Heartfelt, and The Studio Hutch Make-over

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