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I’m not sure how many times a person can start off a post by saying ‘I’m so excited’….but I am! The new Classic Cling Rubber Stamps are here!

Each Stamp is designed using all the fun Characters of the Classic Amy Joanne Painting Patterns! Including Chirp and Quackers, Elfie and Santa himself!

Over the next few months Sheila, Lora and I will be sharing a few ideas using these whimsical stamps thru our Blogs and FaceBook Postings. Be on the watch for Baby Gifts, Gift Wrap and Cookies!

How ’bout a Reindeer Pull Toy Stamp?

Wait till you see what Sheila Landry and I have up our sleeves with this little guy! This stamp will be the perfect compliment to complete the gift!

and Miss Prudence happens to be one of my favorites! Catch a glimpse of Prudence on the ‘watercolor how-to video’ provided with every purchase!

There are so many ideas for this Sheep with a Pocket! How ’bout as a gift to your favorite knitter….or crochet a few dishcloths and create a tag.

And Enjoy this fun idea to take your gift tags to the next level by stamping in acrylics and creating in watercolor, see below for details!

Purchase the Classic Cling Rubber Stamps ~ individually or as a complete set. Collect one, collect them all. Visit ‘here’ to shop all Classic Cling Rubber Stamps, new and ol’ favorites.

The complete set is on ‘Sale’ until December 31, 2021!

And receive a ‘how-to create watercolor mousie gift tags’ guide and video with every rubber stamp purchase! (if you have already purchased an email will be sent). Project as shown below.

A glass of water, 140lb coldpress watercolor paper, one brush and an inexpensive watercolor palette is all that is needed to create these cute gift tags.

Let Classic Amy Joanne be your guide to Creativity.

Bake a batch of your favorite cookies, add a piece of parchment paper to the bottom of a vintage mug, nestle a stack of cookies inside and wrap with ribbon and twine…..add a watercolor gift tag created with your favorite Classic Cling Rubber Stamp! A perfect Gift!

Remember the ‘Door Knob Gifts‘ ? How perfect this would be!

Fun, Charming, Whimsical and Classic, Classic Cling Rubber Stamps.

Keep you eye on ‘Classic Amy Joanne‘ for all things Creative, Art & Home.

Let’s create with Classic Cling Rubber Stamps!



coming soon ~ Chicken Bundles, Christmas Baby Gift, Shiny Red Nose Pull Toy, Nutty Buddy, The Toy Maker and Gingerbread Baker, and Menu and Meal Planning

2 thoughts on “Classic Cling Rubber Stamps, New Release!

  1. These are so much fun! 🙂 All of my favorite “Amy characters”! I can’t wait to play with mine! <3

    1. Can’t wait to see your stamped ideas! Thank you so much for helping create these fun stamps!

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