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This Hard Working Studio,

holds many purposes ~ From gathering for class, to photography, to Zoom Class set-up, to storing painting goods and photo props, to housing painting samples, a packaging area, business product storage, housing pattern files, a painting desk and now adding in a Sewing Corner.

in hopes it all will inspire, encourage and feel like ‘Classic Amy Joanne’, whether creating and designing for patterns, Gathering with Creative Friends…..or sewing the next home project.

Prior to creating the Sewing Corner ~ the 1988 Singer Sonata would be placed on the large worktable, when a stitch or two were needed…..and then put away just the same. And as the story goes my 1988 Singer Sonata sewed its last stitch in January of 2021. 33 years of handmade goodness, from curtains to stuffed bears to quilts.

Mom do you remember the Christmas Bears that looked like Aliens made in 1988?

While waiting for my new Singer Sewing Machine to arrive…..we added a Sewing Corner. I say ‘we’ because I typically involve the hubby some how.

We were given a vintage School House Desk on pretty little caster wheels to hold the new Sewing Machine. And during a ‘FaceTime yard sale with a Friend’…..the Mail Sorter was purchased (shown above the desk).

It was hard to resist the School House Desk with all the carvings in the top… still my heart.

Speaking of carvings…..I once had to sand a science room school desk in 7th grade, well just to be clearer, I carved my name into it and my teacher was not to happy with me ~ he made sure the whole class knew it was me….oh the embarrassment, I am pretty sure that is why I dislike sand-papering to this day, ….oh the sweet middle school memories.

….ok, back on topic.

‘French Enamel Blue’ was going to be the perfect blue for this sweet School House Desk and Mail Sorter. It would coordinate nicely with the bookcase/hutch painted in the same color.

The colors I most use in the Studio Space are ‘Flow Blue’ and ‘French Enamel Blue’ from Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.

But…I wanted the paint to be durable since it was going to be used on a table-top and needed it to be ‘spray-able’ so my hubby can help….insert wink. Looking no further than Sherwin Williams for a strong durable paint for wood (like kitchen cabinet kinda-durable). Sherwin Williams color matched the ‘French Enamel Blue’ from Miss Mustard Seed and mixed it with the following formula.

Just as a side note….we used Sherwin Williams Paint with the same formula-mix on our kitchen cabinets ~ it is about 10 years and still looking just as perfect as the first day they were painted.

And it worked beautifully on the Sewing Room pieces too.

I was still able to drybrush the top of the School House Desk using skills learned as a Decorative Artists, to keep all the good stuff (carving) showing. And was also able to distress the legs of the desk and cubbies of the Mail Sorter.

Prior to painting the Mail Sorter, my hubby added a decorative piece to the top and bottom.

And who can pass up the cute little casters with brass trim?

Now as you know…..there is a lot of blue and denim going on in the Studio (see latest post here)….and it is a little overwhelming, at the moment. But….stick with me, the large work table and a side table and a few chairs too will be painted in green. Just narrowing down a few options, thinking on the lines of Magnolia Green (shown below).

The fun pendant lights above the large work table are a perfect color (here).

My hopes are to carry this same green into our Dining Room project (see post here).

Then onto curtains, shades and chair skirting using the new sewing machine.

The Mail Sorter holds all kinds of ‘smalls’ and little treasures

A little vintage, a little paint, and a little creativity

makes for a happy Studio to share and create!

Look no further than second hand shops for vintage treasures to repurpose and make them new-to-you with a little paint and imagination!


Coming Soon ~ Meal Planning, August Happenings, Baby Gift, Gather ‘Rounds, and Reindeer Pull Toys

8 thoughts on “Sewing Corner in the Studio

  1. Your new place looks awesome! Thanks for sharing with us, Amy! 🙂

    1. So many projects to look forward too! 🙂

  2. Susie says:

    Just perfect!!!! What a calm place to create…. I know good things will come from here!!! Waiting to see!!

    1. Can’t wait to begin! 😊 thank uuuuuu

  3. You make me want to get into the studio and pretty it up! If I only had some time….sigh….Yours is SO adorable!

    1. Thank you….gosh so much on the to do list….especially sewing! 🥰

  4. Rochelle Evanousky says:

    It looks great, Amy! 🥰

    1. Thank yo so much 🙂

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