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The Monthly Posting of ‘Inspired Creative Living‘ has changed just a tad from 2021.

Sharing snippets of treasured moments, inspiring artful projects, home DIY’s, what’s growing ‘in the garden’, recipes tried, books read, new and ol’ family traditions and crafting too~ all the ‘in-between’ moments ~ of what’s happening, what’s in our thoughts and what’s still to come.

Always meant to inspire creativity with all things Art & Home.


Habits ~ I heard it takes 21 days of practice to create a habit. In 2021 I wanted to learn more about Creativity, Creative Business, Home Doing’s, Recipe Reading, and Learning more about Faith.

Intentionally making time each day for daily readings and prayer and reading books ……and yes, a new good habit was formed ….and most importantly enjoyed!

Yes…these are actually cookbooks. But reading cookbooks is a thing….and of course Cooking and Baking till your hearts content.

Seeking and Collecting books became a new hobby …as if I need another. If you peek into my Amazon shopping cart it is filled with books!

I enjoy following along with two amazing ‘home’ bloggers and have been reading their new books as well. They are folks just like you and me whom have poured every ounce of their being into creating beautiful homes, blogs & books. I like that….. ‘folks like you and me’!

Stop back often to see what inspired me within each book with Studio and Home projects.

Continuing on with my Faith Journey, I have been enjoying books by Candace Cameron Bure, such as ‘Healthy in the Hustle’. How could you not love Candace’s writing and encouraging words.

Available thru Amazon (here)


Cooking and Baking has also been topping the to-do list ….making good use of those cookbooks.

The Crock-Pot Lasagna was delicious without fail.

There was enough to enjoy for two nights, and enough for adding to the Freezer too! Jerry will have a few good lunches and another night of dining on the Snack Tables.


We’ve been enjoying each others company and spending more time together, yes putting down our phones and playing a board game! Some nights, even though our to-do list is long….we make a point to settle in and enjoy ‘our’ time.

Just maybe my great-grandparents had it right…..I remember the Pachisi board setting on their table…. my Mom tells me they wore out several boards too!

For the record, I won our very first game

….some call it Parcheesi


Appreciating our Home

Sometimes I sit in my parked car in the driveway and stare at our home, and just appreciate all that it offers…. on the inside and out.

It was my Hubby’s idea to add the candles to the back windows this Christmas season…they look so warm and inviting we decided to keep them all winter long.


Receiving a few family keepsakes this Christmas Season…..ornaments made by my Mother-in-law and a ceramic tree made by my Mom.

Be still my vintage homespun heart.


In The Studio

‘Lighting in the Studio’ was on the list of things to-do….adding a few track lights, overhead lights and wall sconces……each with a purpose for task lighting, but most importantly, pleasing to the eye.

Using vintage parts and pieces when possible to add to the charm.

And also in the Studio….

what do you do when you have a million projects looming? Well, you dress a mannequin! She is all decked out for winter ‘in a hand-knitted scarf”, mittens on a string, and a handmade pin by my favorite Jewelry Artist, Bobbi.

…Allison do you recognize your plaid shirt?

‘In a hand-knitted scarf’

Funny Story……my Mom knitted a blue winter hat for me this past summer and I said ‘boy would it be nice if I had a knitted scarf to match’ and like all Mothers do she knitted me a scarf.

Then Winter arrived and I placed my knitted hat on my head and searched for the matching new scarf only to find that she already knitted me a blue scarf, I found two……oh boy, now I have two scarfs, how was I going to tell her? ~and so I did tell her and her words were to me ‘that is the last scarf I will ever knit you’, LOL ~ now my mannequin proudly wears the extra scarf…..and it will be the last scarf she ever knits for me.

How about matching fingerless gloves Mom?


It has been a crazy couple of months crafting Candles as well.

It’s ‘all or nothing’ as the story goes at ‘Classic Amy Joanne’.

Each candle is crafted using quality products and learning skills to throw the finest scents. Along with collecting vintage goods and creating pretty accessories too make a fun presentation.

Are these vintage matchstick boxes not the cutest?

Stay tuned in for ways to Warm Your Home and Melt Your Heart.


Winter Vignettes were created.

It is easy to transition from Christmas to Winter by removing all the Reds and leaving the Greens for Winter Decor~ see post (here).


The best thing about Christmas this past year…..we made it homemade.

Each gift given was created and made from the heart.

From Winter Garden Gifts, to Harvested Seeds, to Hand Poured Candles and Painted Candle Trays, to Homemade Cookies, to ‘Treat Keeper’ Door Knob Gifts, to My Hubby’s Favorite Jarred Sauerkraut….to a Printable Pattern gifted to you.

Be sure to visit the Blog Pages….almost 8 years of Creative Content to visit again and again. Sharing all things handmade, ready for gift giving!


It’s only been a few weeks since Christmas and we are already spilling over with Creativity to share thru the Blog Pages.

Stay tuned in for Home Projects, Valentine’s Treats, and an Easter Charcuterie!

Here we go 2022!



Coming Soon ~ Little Makers, Fluffer Nutter Gift Set thru Toletown, Zoom Class Calendar, Easter Candles and Tarts and more on the Keepsake Journals!

10 thoughts on “Inspired Creative Living ~ January

  1. Everything looks so lovely, Amy. I am so happy to see you taking time to enjoy the important parts of your life. Your post tells such a beautiful story! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. I so look forward to creating with you all through 2022. <3

    1. Looking forward to all our adventures In creativity! Thank you Sheila!

  2. I also enjoy reading cookbooks, my favorite type of novel. I don’t know if you remember but years ago I brought you peach Cinny buns, they are from the butter cookbook. Happy cooking, baking and creating!

    1. I knew we had good taste! Enjoying the same cookbooks! Thank you Jane!

  3. Fran says:

    Enjoyed this newsletter very much. Thank you for sharing YOU!

  4. Your blogs are always such a joy to read! And your photos are top-notch! Looking forward to all the new projects!

  5. sharondobbs says:

    What an enjoyable newsletter!

    1. Thank you so very much!

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