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Mid January is about the time to pack away the Christmas decor. Although it is a boring not-so-fun project, I do find that it is time well spent sifting thru things, sprucing up as I go along and a good time to make wish lists of Spring and Summer projects to tackle.

Time to transition from Christmas, to Winter and finally into Spring.

packing away all the shiny, brights and colors of red and leaving the pine greens, is a nice way to transition to Winter. Pine trees are still green and pretty outside after all.

Of course remove the Christmas tree, the garlands and the fancy ribbons.

This year I left out the brass deer candlesticks and little deer planter as well, Winter like for sure.

Leaving out the snowmen, mittens, candlesticks, pretty blankets, baskets and of course, the greens.

When it is time to transition to Spring you will be ready to toss in the boxwoods and a few spring butter cups and such.

The ‘green’ wreath in the foyer can even transition into Spring ~ by removing the mittens and adding a few Spring flower sprigs and a linen ribbon. This wreath is more of a rosemary herb than pine….a great find many years ago to surround my punch bowl during a Holiday get-together.

Use the power of ‘Green’ this Winter… winter blues here.

Transitioning from Christmas to Winter can feel like you have an empty nest after all the beautiful decor is removed…..leaving the greens (especially in white ironstone, insert heart) will keep the color and take you into Spring with a smile in your heart and no more empty nests!


coming soon: Stromboli, 5 things, inspired by, organizing a day planner and Toletown family.

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