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We have been spending time this month planning for our ‘Home Gatherings’ with Pizza and Pachisi.

Perfecting our Game…and our Pizza.

A month of enjoying each others company and All Things Art & Home.


What’s Cooking?

While most of January was spent feeling ‘under the weather’….it gave me time to settle into a few books, a few movies and a few good soup recipes. Including Chili Mac & Cheese Soup found thru Pinterest (here).

We have a freezer full of meals and tons of sweets to choose from.

Have been thinking of breaking out the waffle maker and fondue pot too.


In the Studio and At Home

‘Been planning some updates to the Studio, including additional fabric wall paper, shelving above a closet and doorway and shuffling some furniture around too.

On the homefront we have been planning some clean-outs, some organizing projects, some new home renos, including planning for the garden.

Just in this image below there are sooooo many little projects planned….wainscotting, iron hooks, a mural, a chalkboard, shelving, area carpeting and a painted table.

What I love about this image…..the cookbooks lined up and waiting for their turn, the guitar fills our home with music, the jean jackets hanging on the hooks for style and warmth, the new kitchen floor we worked on together, and the photos of our puppy Ruger (RIP).

a real home.

One of the updates shown below…and shared (here).


A Page Turner

My ‘book of the month’ habit and hobby is forever growing.

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that all thru school and even into my adult life ~ comprehension was not my strong suit. I could read a whole book but could not tell you what the story was about. I read words but didn’t comprehend them.

I still struggle to this day….so maybe this new habit will help me out just a bit.

Embarrassing my Mom

My Mom went into our school for parent teacher conferences. I have 3 siblings and she attended for each of us, lucky Mom. When it was time to visit my 6th grade teacher, Mr Forte….he showed her a book we were to read and then write a summary. Then he showed her my summary…. I copied the back cover word for word. Oh, I am pretty sure I read the book….but never comprehended any of it.

Sorry Mom.

Did he happen to show you my Art Work?

Thru February I pretty much paged thru new CookBooks.

My friend Jane has baked from the book ‘Butter’ (one of my new books shown below)~ I didn’t realize this until I shared a picture of the book and she shared a recipe made from it. We have Art & Home and a Sweet Tooth in common!

You may find Jane Allen’s Blog (here).


What’s on the Worktable?

Our Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal, of course. Here is a glimpse at the next few pages!

Classes forming every month thru Artful Webinars Zoom Classes (here). Join us from the comfort of your home ~ create on any surface!

We also have new surfaces and ideas to work on ~ from my partner in Art, Sheila Landry!


New Products

We have been developing, designing and ‘manufacturing’ candles! 3 years in the making….and rave reviews are coming in!

Coming soon…..’Chocolate Bunny’ Scent in 16oz Candles and Tarts.


Upcoming Workshops

Be sure to check out the Workshop Page with Zoom Classes, Art Center Classes and FaceBook Live Event Demos ~ then mark your calendars! (here).


What’s Coming to the Blog?

How does Chocolate Salami sound? Fluffernutters and After School Snacks? Kitchen Changes, a Studio Tour, an Easter Countdown and the softer side of Creating Art?

Enjoying each goal reached and accomplishments made each month, along with finding joy in the ‘in-between’ moments too.

When you’re feeling like nothing is ‘getting done’….take a look back at your month ~ look at the images in your phone or make a list….there you have all the in-between moments.



The Monthly Posting of ‘Inspired Creative Living‘ is all about

Sharing snippets of treasured moments, inspiring artful projects, home DIY’s, what’s growing ‘in the garden’, recipes tried, books read, new and ol’ family traditions and crafting too~ all the ‘in-between’ moments ~ of what’s happening, what’s in our thoughts and what’s still to come.

Always meant to inspire creativity with all things Art & Home.

4 thoughts on “Inspired Creative Living ~ February 2022

  1. Aww, the joy of cookbooks and cooking and baking. I love looking thru new cookbooks and trying new recipes. I love to share what I make with others and hopefully give them a little joy. Have fun and share any good recipes.

    1. Next time we get together I see baking time together! ….and cookbooks! ❤️

  2. It is a busy time! I love seeing all of your creative adventures. <3

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