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Here’s What’s Happening In the Studio

I’m not sure about you, but I always loved to hear what was going on behind the scenes and in the minds of my fellow Artist and Designer Friends.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been focused on working towards getting ahead of the game ~ instead of being behind the eight-ball. Being ahead produces better work and gives more time for creative play.

I have Completed a few more pages in our ‘Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal’, (and a new Tab on this Site, to learn all about it (here)). I also completed an article for Toletown (here), an upcoming article for the Pixalated Palette (coming this June) and two more projects for April and May for our ‘free’ demos thru Artfully Connected FB Live Events ‘Watch-Learn-Create‘….. shuweeeeee, that’s alotta doin’.

My head should be above water now ~ to work on all the new ideas ~ including the Halloween Keepsake Journal and new surfaces from Sheila Landry.


New Product ~ Candles

Coming Soon to the ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ Shop are Soy Candles and Tarts, of course in pretty packaging and named after your favorite paintings!

There will be candles, tarts, special editions, candle trays, samplers and more!

Samples were made and rave reviews are coming in….I am excited to share! Keep watching for our perfect Easter scent ‘Chocolate Bunny’.

Warm your Home, Melt Your Heart‘ is our motto.



I should say, re-reading. Sometimes I enjoy the comforts of something familiar. This book has all the ‘good stuff’ like living for a ‘dream’ and a journey of faith and love. I like that.

It was worth a re-read….since a few pages were dog earred 🙂 and I am still learning to comprehend what I read.


Familiar Recipes

When we are looking at a busy week or month ~ it is always good to enjoy a familiar recipe and/or comfort food. This Chicken Rice Dish is a favorite go-to.

There is typically diced pimentos (which makes for a pretty dish) but the grocery stores were all out… was still tasty.

sharing soon, when I can grab Pimentos!


DIY Changes in the Home Studio and around our Home

One thing you can be sure of in our Home & Studio is everything is ‘subject to change’.

We have collected goods over the past year to finish some things in our Dining Room ~ just waiting for the weather to warm up to prepare the table and chairs for paint……. (we replaced the chairs already from this image). The make-over will include new curtains, a wall of hooks, and hardware too. Patience Amy, Patience.

In the Studio, we will be adding fabric to the walls behind the sewing machine table and adding hooks to the shelving above it.

Patience Amy, Patience.


Creative Happenings

The Halloween Keepsake Journal has made it’s way to the worktable. Mr Froggy is anxious for his debut. Matilda of course will grace the first page.

We have also been working on our Website~making it a fun place to visit, and easier to navigate, along with adding downloads to the Shop tab. My hopes are it is unlike most websites created just for shopping and that it gives you a place to visit, rest, and enjoy.

Did you see our new ‘Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal’ Tab? A place to learn more about this fun project and see each page as it becomes available thru Classes and Patterns too!


Keep Watching The Website

For all things new thru our Workshops, The Blog and Shopping too!

Simply hover your mouse over each tab at the top of this Website to pick and choose all that may interest you.

Thru the Workshop Tab ~ choose Local Classes, Home Studio Workshops, Zoom Classes or Free Demos thru ‘Watch-Learn-Create’.

Thru the Shopping Tab ~ Choose each Category or break it down into projects like the Keepsake Journal or the Recipe Card Project.

Thru the Blog Tab ~ Choose the ‘Main Tab’ for all posts in order by date or select a Category such as Home, Studio and more! …or use the search box.


How do we keep in touch?…..sign up for our Newsletter or/and add your email to ‘follow the blog’ for instant updates to your in-box. We appreciate the follows and so happy you are here.


as always, I hope you feel at home here, to sit a spell and linger a while, to enjoy all things Art & Home.

6 thoughts on “Inspired Creative Living ~ March 2022

  1. You are a busy bee! Such adorable projects! I love Ben and Erin too!

    1. Thank you!

  2. Wow! You have been busy! I am so excited to see you growing in so many ways! I love seeing hints of your new projects and am excited for you. Thank you for all you do to keep us creative and motivated! <3

    1. thank you for a beautiful working friendship too!

  3. Fran Pascazio says:

    I always enjoy hearing about what you’re up to! Thank you for sharing …

    1. thank you for your friendship and staying connected!

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