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It’s no secret that I love to create ~ all things homespun and pretty packaging too.

Twill Tape has become a ‘staple’ in the craft closet along side of the scissors, paintbrushes, scrapbooking paper and piles of wool waiting to be used.

We have used the Twill Tape many times thru-out this Blog for projects such as ‘Christmas Countdown’ (pattern sold here), and in most recent days the ‘Little Makers‘ Kit (sold here).

In addition, adding the Twill Tape to brown paper packages, canvas bags and boxes too, simply adds a homespun charming touch.

Well how about taking it a step further and personalizing the Twill Tape with a custom rubber stamp?

This is an inexpensive way to add charming details….personal to you.

and Here is the How

Purchase 3/4 inch Twill Tape (found here)

Then design (using their font) and purchase a cling stamp (found here). The link is for the size 1″ by 2 1/2″, which fits nicely on the 3/4 inch Twill Tape. The stamps also come in wood block, but I find that the cling stamps work nicely to view and measure.

Then just simply stamp the Twill Tape using a waterproof ink, using your index finger as a guide for spacing.

Imagine the possibilities!

So far I have designed and collected about 15 different stamps….used for family fun, personal wording, for the biz and for upcoming new candle scents!

Of course you will need a Twine Holder for all this new Twill Tape Twine!

A new design pattern (shown) has been created for the Wood Twine Holder found thru Sheila Landry (found here).

Then use a vintage cardboard cone to slide over the dowel post and wrap your new hand stamped Twill Tape around the cone.

I found the cardboard cones thru Etsy.

The new pattern in acrylics (shown) ‘Making Twine‘ can be found (here), on sale until the end of May 2022, only $3.00.

A Christmas version ‘Never Enough Twine‘ can be found (here).

This new Twine Holder makes a perfect gift for a crafty or foodie friend ~ and then of course wrap the gift with custom Twill Tape, making it extra special!

The homespun Twill Tape adds sweet charm to a small canvas bag too (found here)…or also a sampling can be found in the ‘Little Makers Kit‘ (found here).

Try personalizing the canvas bag with a Classic Cling Rubber Stamp for extra added charm, (found here).

An inexpensive way to personalize and add homespun charm for all your gift giving needs…….Twill Tape, who knew, right?!


coming soon ~ Cottage Kitchen Candles, Merchandising & Marketing, A Brighter New Studio, Flower Frogs, and More ways to use Twill Tape

7 thoughts on “Twill Tape Packaging & New Twine Holder

  1. lbarbadora says:

    I love everything about this!

    1. ahhhh, thank you Lynn!

  2. You are just so inspiring and creative! Love this idea and love your new design! What a sweet way to personalize a gift and make your work area a special place too!

    1. we all need a little twill tape in our lives! Thank you!

  3. I always love seeing the final product of surfaces you order from me.You are so creative and I am always in awe of your talent! These are just adorable and I love the idea of stamping on twill tape. How cute and unique! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us all! I love everything!

    1. thank you so very much Sheila….love working with you!

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