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Is it year 8 or 9 for our Autumn Vignette Tradition?

Whichever it is ~ it is tradition to share Autumn Vignettes, here at Classic Amy Joanne, each Autumn Season.


Summer had us working on a few outdoor projects ~ some we managed to finish, while some will wait till next year.

One of the finished projects was the outdoor fencing ~ it adds that New England feel without being in the New England States. I love to daydream at our kitchen window, thru the fence at the Apple Tree ~ makes for a pretty setting.

My hubby and his friend John had the fencing installed thru-out the yard, in one evening. Grateful.

The planting will happen next year.

We added just a few details to the outside for the Autumn Season ~ mostly from our favorite place, Shafer’s Farm. ~ mums and pumpkins!

We grew up knowing the Shafer’s all our lives, my hubby even worked their Farm during his hi-school years….he told ‘the next generation’ that he will need to work for them at least a day to say he worked for all 4 Shafer’s Farm Generations.

We added some warmth to the inside of our home as well ~ and even though our home is a constant DIY work in progress ~ we still add the pretty.

The blue hutch gets little touches of color amongst the white. This hutch was a gift from one of my best friends ~ it was her much-loved grandmother’s. I love it just the same.

The hutch has moved several times within our home and served several purposes, but felt most at home at the bottom of our staircase.

Painted several years ago in a deep blue ~ the inside will soon get a makeover with paint and fabric ~ still in the dreaming stage.

This Vignette, along side the fireplace, is created differently for each Season ~ a favorite space to create.

Mixing new and vintage ~ the mirror adds depth and keeping the collection of goods within the same colors keeps it uniform ~ adding textures with metals, burlap, ironstone, iron and glass.

The Glass Cloche looks just fine with nothing on the inside and everything on the outside, a little unexpected.

This image is just simply titled ‘waiting’ ~ waiting for the pumpkin dishes to be picked up (read here), waiting on our wainscoting project to begin, waiting on the hutch to be painted, waiting on the chairs to be slip covered…..waiting and dreaming.

And why not share the everyday (look at those sneakers, really who doesn’t have them by the door) ~ our kitchen is in the waiting stages too ~ although beautifully created as it is, we are waiting on wainscoting and iron hooks, slipcovers, new throw rugs, curtains to soften the window and sink and a built-in fridge unit. Waiting.

We did find ourselves enjoying our new fire-pit this summer. Enjoying the in-between moments there as well, the in-the-waiting moments. The marshmallow chocolate s’more moments. The making memories moments.

Appreciating, being Grateful and Enjoying all that we have been Blessed with ~ Happy Autumn from us here at Classic Amy Joanne!


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