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If you missed the previous Classic Curated Vignette ~ let me introduce you to the concept.

Ya know those magazine images ~ the pages to droooool over ~ the very page you spot a nice plate, a colorful sofa or a fun idea….and then you quickly go to the ‘shopping guide’ in the back of the magazine to find out where to find the goods?……well this is kinda like that.
A Vignette will be created and shared along with all ‘the goods’ information ~ where to purchase, order, find, make…with links and locations! Well, you get the picture… pun intended, lol!
The images will have retail, vintage and handmade….
This is all about a love for selecting, organizing, merchandising, presenting, photographing, and sharing home and art!
All with cottage style, a little homespun charm with a touch of whimsy.

So let’s discover!

In typical classic ‘blue jean’ cottage style ~ always on the look-out for denim blues, ironstone, textures, the unexpected and seasonal coziness. Then creating a vignette using all the found treasures….even some from unexpected places.

As seen in previous posts (here) and (here)….and (here) too….putting together a table setting for friends is dear to my heart.

This table begins with a left over piece of denim fabric as a table cloth….frayed ends and all. Then layered with natural jute square placements purchased from Walmart’s Better Homes & Gardens Collection. Yep, style again from Walmart.

Then of course stacking mis-matched plates and bowls in ironstone. Most of the ironstone were from visiting vintage shops here and there. All that is needed is a quick run thru the dishwasher and you are good to go. If you’re local ~ check out 895 Studio Cottage Classic Shop for some of my favorites!

Check out the pretty detail on this found plate….a pretty church, homes, barns and trees circle the plate.

This bowl (below) is from Walmart Better Homes & Gardens Collection….love the denim look! Looks just perfect with the vintage ironstone!

Do you see those chambray blue and natural fabric napkins? Would you believe they were picked up at Dollar General? Yep….and if you follow along on FaceBook you will notice them as ‘sparking’ an idea to make curtains! Walk the isles, discover and dream.

After layering the dishes and linens…it was time to add the seasonal fun. A little of the unexpected….artfully created. always…..Art & Home.

The greens and berries were from my Autumn Décor ~ used year after year, often times in different places and in different ways. It is always good to have ‘filler’ around for every season.

Pulling the colors from the Autumn décor and knowing the color orange will look just fantastic with denim, I was inspired to sculpt pumpkins for my friends….and found the perfect matching candy too ~ Peanut Butter Kisses, at Dollar General.

The sculpted pumpkins are certainly a fun gift to give a friend. The ‘lumpy squash gang’….. as I have been calling them. are available at 895 Studio.


a plan to make a how-to pattern and video is in the works….so keep watching this blog and FaceBook for the release. Fingers crossed it will be before this Halloween!

Once the pumpkin favors and candy treats were in place….I thought one more ‘something’ in orange will make this vignette ‘PoP’ and I had the perfect mugs packed and ready to go to my Cottage Classics Shop…. are these orange mugs not the most fun seasonal addition to your table?

My pickin’ friends at Sister Stash found them …..the best pickin friends ever! One for you and one for a friend!

Mixing Old, Finding New and Creating Art…..makes for a fun seasonal place setting for a lunch date with a good friend.

The conversation is always good when you have best friends of 46 years, meeting in Kindergarten and First Grade….My friend Sharon is a published Writer and my friend Tracy is an Antique Shop Owner of Sister Stash….our lives our filled with Joy and the conversation is always good, all from a little schoolhouse in West Penn Township right outside of Tamaqua PA.

Invite a friend over for a lunch date….make it extra special with a little vintage, a little unexpected find, a little hand made, a little home made and a lot of laughs and love!



Coming Soon ~ The Classic Brand, The Hiccup 1 Year Later, Ready for Change, Studio Tour, Autumn Vignette, and Under The Pergola

7 thoughts on “classic curated vignette|lunch date!

  1. Zeldas Sullivan says:

    can’t wait for the tutorial!

    1. I will be sure to share! Thank you

  2. Lisa Boivin says:

    Hi there Amy, this vignette is absolutely wonderful. It’s got so much character, creativity and fun. It’s all YOU! Your artistic ability never ceases to amaze me as well as your organizational, marketing and business skills that I’m sure are needed to be a successful blogger and business woman. You’re an inspiration and I have a funny feeling I’ll be looking at things from a Walmart and Dollar General a bit differently now 🤔🙂

    1. Thank your Lisa….always good to hear from you…🙂 your kind words keep me going! So happy you enjoy! Hope all as well❤️

  3. Sheila Landry says:

    I love this post! I love the way you coordinated everything to make such a lovely and inviting table. Sometimes the small details make a big difference! Thanks for sharing, Amy! <3

    1. Every time I create a place setting I love it even more than the last🙂 guess I have another hobby, lol! Thank you for your kind comments!

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