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Are you ‘looking for love in all the wrong places?’ Check out thrifty pickin’ to find pretty dishes for the perfect place settings for your table…and guests! You’re gonna love it and it may just even surprise you what you will find!


Taking photos of pretty dishes was not on my mind when I woke this morning. The Plan was to finish a wood canvas and begin the Classic Chalk Art Ornaments scheduled for the Pixelated Palette On-Line Magazine in September…….. But somehow ~ for some reason, I began to gather pretty dishes found thrifting, to stack together ……time was getting away from me, but was I enjoying it ~ adding this and that making place settings with pretty dishes to view thru the lens of my camera……sidetracked, for sure.

So what is it with pretty dishes? As newlyweds ~ we simply used the pattern ‘Marmalade’ received at our Wedding Shower with matching glassware, matching silverware and matching linen napkins too, you know ~ when the Country Goose was all the rave! Then years later came along collecting Longaberger dishes ~ it was fun making a pretty table settings just like in their catalog. Then as my interest grew into ‘Vintage Finds’ it was exciting to happen upon pretty dishes while pickin’….especially pretty whites and blues. It became about mis-matched place settings all stacked together to make a creatively perfect table setting!

It got to the point of ‘how many dishes do you really need Amy?’….so I started collecting for my Shop at 895 Studio….Cottage Classics. As much as I want to keep each and every dish collected…..My friend Tracy of Sister Stash tells me to ‘keep it and love it for a little while then send it to a forever home for someone else to love’. So now I play, photograph and set up shop with the pretty dishes……from my home to yours, loving them only for a little while.

Because when I shop for me…..I am really shopping for you. ~ Giving purpose for my pretty dish obsession!

Blue and White feels so cottage….. especially for my coined ‘Blue Jean Cottage‘ home……and setting the table with a red denim runner and apple makes it all American for Summer!

Stacking the ironstone plates, cobalt blue dishes and playful china makes such a pretty setting……for you.

Do you see the pretty linens in the photos? They could be yours too…..The monograms get me every time.

…….. mis-matching dishes look so unexpectedly pretty, creative and original.

…..right down to the prettiest of details on the bottom of the tea cup and the patina of aging looks pretty next to the soft nubby linen.

Impress your guests.

Give them a high end look on a thrifty budget. Why not add a vase of Queen Anns lace and blue wild flowers… pretty would that be in Milk Glass Vases?….yes, I have those too! They look so pretty grouped together as a centerpiece!

The work has been done for you. Dishes, Linens, Vases and Baskets are waiting for your table at ‘Cottage Classics’ Shop within Studio 895! Don’t forget to check out Sister Stash for even more….they are my favorite pickers!

If you like a pretty table setting and you missed it ~ be sure to check out the blog post using Chicken Napkin Rings!

Stop by for a visit at 895 Studio ‘Cottage Classics’ Shop ~the table is set for you …….. I love new friends.


Coming Soon! Santa Baubles Ornament Club, #RecipeCard Project, A Charming Welcome Series Santa, Corkboards & Gingerbread, Homefront Gatherings!

2 thoughts on “Pretty Dishes

  1. Like you, I always used to want ‘matching’ sets of dishes. I had Pfaltzgraff dishes that had matching EVERYTHING! (Even a little container for Sweet N Low packets!) Everything in the kitchen seemed to match. But now I think that I am more excited by “coordinating” things, as you have done. Maybe it is the artist inside of me wanting to play. Maybe it is the endless possibilities and even how you can change the look from meal to meal without having to buy anything new. I don’t know. But I LOVE your coordinating tableware and accessories. They show your beautiful personality and love of loving something and giving it a ‘second chance.’ Great post! <3

    1. I like that ~ we coordinate! Must be the Artsy! So happy to have Artsy friends! Thank u friend…..xoxox

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