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Welcome to the February Recipe Card Project ‘Cherry Tart’ ~ fitting for February, the month of Love….don’t ya think?

This has been more fun than you know……not just creating the projects, but making all the delicious recipes and treats for the photos!

Cherry Tarts are no exception…some ended up in our bellies and some in the freezer for later….and with 2 easy ingredients!

Simply use 2 Pillsbury Pie Crusts and a jar of Cherry Pie filling.

To form the crust cut dough into round shapes and place inside the muffin tin, then fill 3/4 of the cup with Cherry Pie filling. Then cut hearts with the remaining dough and placed on-top of the filling. You may use a pastry brush to brush the crust with a beaten egg if desired. Sprinkle with a little course sugar for added sweetness…..then bake for 30 to 40 minutes on 350 degrees.


‘Cherries’ remind me of my hubby’s grandmother….Gram Mogish. In every memory I have of Gram she is wearing her handmade cherry print apron…..she had a few, they hung on hooks going in and out of her home. I was grateful when she gifted one to me…. it hangs in my kitchen now, ready to be used. She lived to be 102, she touched my life and I miss her.


The Recipe Card Project is a fun way to introduce yourself to Paint & Pencil or simply just to practice….imagine the gifts you can make. Bake up a few cherry tarts, place in a basket and tie up with a ribbon and gift tag created by you!

Would you like a copy of the ‘Cherry Tart’ pattern? Simply click below to purchase. The pattern consists of a one page how-to guide to painting and penciling with a supply list as needed and a simple line drawing to reduce or enlarge for your purpose. Once payment is received and email will be sent. Photos can be used as reference from this blog post…..easy, peasy.


Cherry Tart Recipe Card Project ~ 1 page PDF how-to email

YES! Sign me up for the recipe card project ~ project #6 ‘Cherry Tart’! I understand I will receive a 1 page instruction guide with a supply list and line drawing within an email from Amy.


and below is a quick video on what you will receive in your copy of the pattern page PDF.

If you missed it….we have been creating the ‘Recipe Card Projects’ since August 2019, one every month, each with a video and an opportunity to purchase a copy to create.

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Here is a little information about the Recipe Card Projects

Curious what it is? Check out our first Recipe Card Project by clicking (here). In a nut shell ~ the projects are created in Paint & Pencil ~ once a month and released to you in a blog post ~ where you can purchase a PDF copy to create and join in on the fun! Really any surface will do ~ but we especially like Vintage Recipe Cards….hence the name. After you have created a fun piece simply share with us on Social Media and mark your post with a hashtag #CAJrecipecardproject

A #’tag is a gathering place for all who want to join ~ simply search for the # name and all our projects will appear in one location on Social Media.

Makin’ me Hungry….

The Recipe Card Projects are simply created for your enjoyment….creating from my heART to yours….and I thank you.



Coming Soon: Blue Easter, Happy 6, Ho-bo Lifestyle, Charming Welcome Santa, and Art Display

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