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In our home we work scattered about….completing DIY projects but not necessarily completing the whole room, jumping from one room to another, project by project. Of course the ideas are there and always working thru the list hoping for completion….. but half of me and I guess my hubby too… just simply enjoys each project and the process.

Wallpapering a feature wall has been on my mind for a while, for the Studio Office ~ and once Covid happened and my Workshops were put on hold it became a good time to regroup and get some projects done….including this one.

A Little Playing to Visualize
Then it became reality!

Having yards and yards and yards of my favorite fabric from Mill Creek on a roll for home making, …..I knew it would be perfect for a feature wall in the Studio. It has a denim like texture and works nicely with the warm wood floors, white trim and blue furniture…..and of course all the denim.

Always learning skills and being inspired by other Bloggers, including one of my favorites ‘Miss Mustard Seed’ ~ quite a few years back she posted about wallpapering with fabric, how easy it was and great for renters who need something that is removable…..why yes, I can handle that!

All it takes is precise measuring (get it right the first time) and making sure you have a long enough run off fabric for long areas without piecing. Then gather your supplies ~ a roller, paint tray, chip brush, ol’ rags and……fabric starch! Yes, store brand fabric starch.

Simply ~ and generously roll the starch onto the walls, allow for a little shrinking by cutting extra fabric for top and bottom (just a little), lay the fabric over the starched wall and start smoothing by hand and by brushing the edges to secure. Roll additional starch back over fabric once smooth and in place. Overlap at seams a smidge. Depending on your fabric design, match up seams with pattern. Let dry….and that is it.

Here is before and after. Read all about the Studio before (here) and (here), as well.

As you can see the same fabric has been added to the white linen curtain as trim. How pretty it is.

After the fabric/starch was good and dry it was time to rework the walls.

Hanging on the back wall is an original design in Acrylic & Colored Pencil ‘Blue Easter’….it is so fitting and works nicely with the mahogany flooring. It was a hard decision between this piece of Art or ironstone bowls or gold leaf framings. I think all would work perfectly but opted for the Art….it is after-all in the Studio.

Some other fun additions are a denim skirt to hide the ugly wires by the desk, fresh paint on all the trim and closet door, a glass door knob for the closet (to remember my grandparents home) and a sweet little dresser gifted to me by one of my Besties….she is an Antique Dealer with Sister Stash and More… sweet it is!

But done isn’t really done in our home….even in this little corner. There are plans in the works to swap out the drysink for another one painted in a lighter blue and to hemp oil the child’s roll top desk, repaint the top small dresser in farmhouse white (it is gray-ish now)…and then we will turn our attention to the next corner.

…… then we will begin more DIY projects to make things pretty on the other side of the room.

Maybe even adding an area rug under the main desk, just like the denim rag rug in our entryway.

Will there ever be a big reveal? Well, maybe not, but sharing along the way sure is fun….and I hope inspiring!

I hope I not only inspired you to wallpaper with fabric but that you’re inspired to enjoy a few blogs as well…..were else can you find like minded folks, share interests, learn skills such as ~ dying eggs indigo, setting a place setting, creating gifts, how to adhere scrapbooking paper to a box….or even take a tour of pretty Autumn vignettes. It’s like opening your favorite magazine.

Be Inspired ….. and Enjoy!


Coming Soon ~ Halloween Baubles Club, Delicious Spells, Go Nut’s Gather ‘Rounds, August Recipe Card Project, and Autumn Pattern Release.

3 thoughts on “Instead of Wallpaper

  1. The fabric on the walls is lovely. I have always enjoyed pattern on my walls here and there.depending on the room it can give it a nice pop.

    1. I am really enjoying it….although always better when the clutter is moved and all else is done too….getting there!

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