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  • Ducks in a Row
    We’re getting our ducks in a row here on Meadow Ave.

223 thoughts on “Classic Amy Joanne

  1. Carrie Simmons says:

    I love your snowmen. They have the cutest face.

    1. Thank you so much Carrie!

  2. Shelley anders says:

    I would like the pattern the pilgrams

  3. Kimberly says:

    Is the colored pencil workshop for next week still available to sign up for?

    1. Hi Kim! If you are referring to the Jack O Lantern on a Vintage Scale…the RSVP date has passed, but if you have all the pencils we most certainly would love to have you! Email of you are interested! Thank you!

  4. Lisa Boivin says:

    Amy, do you think that you will offer Santa with Crock painting as a pattern packet someday? I love this design. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lisa! It will only be offered with the club….but the club will be available after the initial 3 months and sold as a set of patterns….please watch for more crock and santa patterns…. I have one in the works with a tree!❤️

  5. Rochelle Duprey says:

    Please sign me up
    for the Sweet Treats Christmas club.

    1. Thank you Rochelle! all signed up!

  6. Dawn Greinert says:

    Please sign me up for the Sweet Treats Club

    1. Sure thing Dawn!🙂🍪❤️Thank u!

  7. Carol hodges says:

    Hope this is where

    1. Hi Carol… onto the blog tab and you will see the follow button to click on…..on this page are all the blog posts to view….lots of ideas!

  8. Deanie says:

    Please help me find your directions for making the paper that you use for pencils. Thank you very much! I LOVE the way your paintings look!

    1. Hi Deanie! Here is a link to ‘how to apply the paper’ , and here is the link with a free pattern to colored pencil… , Enjoy! If you have trouble connecting, send an email to or do a search for watercolor paper and you will see it! 🙂

  9. Sharon baines says:

    I want to view your blog zbout how to use color pencils. Although I took a class from you almost two years ago I need a refresher.
    Thanks Amy.

    1. sure thing…click onto the blog tab, then you will see the duck post….click onto the duck post and the video is there….enjoy! Thank you for stopping by!

  10. Nina Bailey says:

    Can hardly wait to paint the little duck

    1. Thank you Nina…Enjoy!

  11. Sandy kelsey says:
    Thank you!!

  12. Carol Koback says:

    Hope I followed instructions correctly

  13. Janice Herrington says:

    Looks like fun. Sign me up

    1. Hi Janice! Enjoy creating, happy to have you for a creative friend! To follow along just enter your email address in the follow box and click send….it is on the blog page….Enjoy!

  14. Mary Ann Dunbar says:

    Can’t come to your classes in person, would love to join any thing you have on line.

    1. Thank u! Keep watching the blog posting, every now and then I have a free pattern with a short video!

  15. Carol Koback says:

    I definitely want to sign up for The Bakery classes & interested in receiving all related info.
    Please sign me up
    THANK you

    1. Hi Carol! I will send you an email with all the information….Thank you so much Amy

  16. Deb Hosier says:

    Hi Amy! Hope all is well! I wanted to sign up to get notified. I dont know what changes are coming wirh facebook.

    1. Thank you Debbie….all we need you to do yet is click onto the ‘tab’ ‘blog’ and then on the right hand side enter your email address and click ‘follow!
      So happy to stay in touch! Amy

      1. Pat Swent says:

        Love to see your blog

      2. Thank u so much …your kind comment makes me smile! 🙂

  17. Stephanie Perne says:

    I love your work…super talented artist:)

    1. Thank you so much….enjoy the blog!

  18. Sandy McTier says:

    You’re amazing Amy!!!

    1. Thank you so much! Love all my Artists friends and mentors!

  19. Susan Nobles says:


    1. Thank you for the visit…enjoy!

  20. Mary Channell says:

    I saw your post on FB. Very interesting.

    1. Thank you, enjoy the visit, click around!

  21. Suzanne. Anderson says:

    Love your stuff Miss Joanne.

    1. Thank you so much Suzanne! You are all awesome!

  22. Doris Boyet says:

    Can’t seem to open anything, I thought I was on your list if not please add me. Thanks.

    1. Hi Doris! All we need you to do is go to the blog page (click onto blog) and on the right hand side enter your email address….then you will receive a new email everytime I post! So happy you would like to follow along! Enjoy

      1. Doris Boyet says:

        Thanks went there and I’m already following you, just have to figure out what I’m doing. Sorry.

  23. Judy Craft says:

    Please add may name to act of kindness.

    1. Hi Judy….feel free to print the download and enjoy the gift tags for your Christmas giving!

  24. cindyh371 says:

    I just found you and these are really cute designs!

    1. Thank you Cindy! Keep clickin’ lots to explore and so happy to have you! 🙂

  25. Peggy Humphreys says:

    Hi Amy, when is your next workshop? Peggy H

    1. Hi Peggy! Check out the workshop page for photos….11/29 is the tin angel chalk art workshop and then 12/13 is the gingerbread chalk art workshop! I will be posting soon a complete calendar of dates for 2018 filled with Wood Canvas Painting, Colored Pencil Workshops, Brush N Hand Studio Projects and of course the Chalk Art! The calendar is full and I certainly hope to see you! Happy Creating!

  26. Sue Hagen says:

    I recently purchased your pattern packet, the pilgrims. I have been painting for over seventeen years and this has to be one of the best I have ever purchased. Twelve color photos and very detailed instructions. Thank you

    1. you just made this girl smile! What a nice compliment. I try to give what I would like to receive….Thank you so much! Enjoy!

  27. Cheri Gibbs says:

    Your work is AMAZING!!! I’m kind of confused. So you don’t sell finished pieces or am I just missing that on your site? I’m not real sure what the pattern would be. Since I’m in Alabama, I can’t come to your classes. 🙁
    Cheri Gibbs

    1. Thank you so much…your comment makes me smile! The Art that I create is Decorative Art, I create the piece, then put out the pattern to follow to create the piece yourself, whether in pencil or paint….the pattern has a supply list, instructions, a line drawing and many photos to help along the way….I do occasionally sell my duplicates from the classes I teach…they can be found on the ‘Samples and Duplicates’ tab! This will be updated to include more after the Holidays. Also…if you follow along on the blog there are a few free patterns to click onto and print, this will give you an idea of what a pattern is! Also…there are a few how-to videos too! Stop by often…always new things in the works!

  28. heid475 says:

    Beautiful work…thank you for the invite…I will put an item in my SDP Chapter newsletter.

    1. Thank you so much! Love Decorative Painting and all the friendships!

  29. Jeannine Miller says:

    Loved my first chalk and chew. I think I may have a new addiction!! I am looking forward to the next class already. ❤️

    1. So excited Jeannine! I love to get friends hooked! Looking forward to creating together again! Welcome to our world!

    1. HI Diane! Thank you so much!

  30. I fifnt see any yet. Hopefully at noon today

  31. DeDe Rains says:

    Love all your unique designs !!!

    1. Thank you so much! You know how to make a girl smile! Stop back often…always something new and fresh in the works!

  32. Janet Walsh says:

    Amy your designs are gorgeous! I especially love your Rudolph! I’m somewhat confused…how do we get patterns? I’d like to get your Rudolph! 🙂 Thanks

    1. Hi Janet….I just sent you a quick email!

  33. Janet Walsh says:

    This is fun! I love seeing your’s giving us an opportunity to follow you all and see your art! Your Rudolph is especially ADORABLE! I’m definitely putting you on my list ! 🙂

    1. Thank you Janet for your kind comment….this was so much fun to share our love for painting! Enjoy!

  34. Linda Darden says:

    Your ornament is just beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much….enjoy painting!

  35. cindyh371 says:

    thank you for sharing!! Love your designs

    1. Thank you so much for visiting….Enjoy painting! Glad to have you follow along!

  36. Susan Leach says:

    Love your designs!

    1. Thank you Susan! If you haven’t already, please add your email to the blog page to receive instant email updates on new posts! 🙂

  37. Sharon says:

    Thank you for sharing your ornament design..

    1. Thank you Sharon! Enjoy!

  38. Bernice Rauch says:

    Amy, you are so talented. Your patterns are great.

  39. Bernice Rauch says:

    Amy, you are so talented. You patterns are great.

    1. Thank you so much Bernice…so happy to have you as a creative friend!

  40. Ellie Setlock says:

    Very pretty ornament. Hopefully. I’ll be able to follow along and get the hang of it.. nice work

    1. Beautiful ornament. Would love to try and make them.

    2. Thank you Ellie…..see you in class soon! Enjoy!

  41. Sally Thirjung says:

    Love all your stuff!

    1. Thank you Sally! If you haven’t already, be sure to add your email to the blog page to receive instant updates!

  42. Teresa says:

    Awesome! Love it!

    1. Thank you Teresa….so happy you enjoyed it and Thank you for the visit!

  43. DeDe Biren says:

    Thanks for providing painting instructions also.

    1. Thank you for visiting! Be sure to add your email address to the blog page for blog post updates….lots more to come!

  44. Susan Leach says:

    Love your style and creativity!

    1. Thank you Susan! Keep watchin’…so many ideas! 🙂

    2. Thank you Susan! Lots more planned for the upcoming Christmas season….Enjoy!

  45. Judy says:

    I’m eagerly checking for the “how to” on the dry sink. I still didn’t attempt to do my bench – I’m a bit scared. lol

    1. Check out the video on my dry-brush technique and go for it! Any questions…just message, I will be happy to answer!

  46. Pam says:

    I need the info on the paint and the pencils you use on the Halloween wooden ornaments..I want to begin to paint and have no idea where to get the supplies?..any info would be so helpful!! thank you

  47. Charleen ruffel says:

    Lovely new design on the bentwood

    1. Thank You Charlene! I will be blogging about it soon!

  48. kathleen kozak says:

    wish I was closer would like to take a class love your chalk pencil watermelon and your chicken

    1. Thank you Kathleen! I wish all my creative friends lived close by….we would have such fun!

  49. Carla Rogers!! says:

    Need some info on membership!!!

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