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204 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Hi Lisa! It will only be offered with the club….but the club will be available after the initial 3 months and sold as a set of patterns….please watch for more crock and santa patterns…. I have one in the works with a tree!❤️

  1. Please help me find your directions for making the paper that you use for pencils. Thank you very much! I LOVE the way your paintings look!

  2. I want to view your blog zbout how to use color pencils. Although I took a class from you almost two years ago I need a refresher.
    Thanks Amy.

  3. Amy
    I definitely want to sign up for The Bakery classes & interested in receiving all related info.
    Please sign me up
    THANK you

    • Hi Doris! All we need you to do is go to the blog page (click onto blog) and on the right hand side enter your email address….then you will receive a new email everytime I post! So happy you would like to follow along! Enjoy

      • Thanks went there and I’m already following you, just have to figure out what I’m doing. Sorry.

    • Hi Peggy! Check out the workshop page for photos….11/29 is the tin angel chalk art workshop and then 12/13 is the gingerbread chalk art workshop! I will be posting soon a complete calendar of dates for 2018 filled with Wood Canvas Painting, Colored Pencil Workshops, Brush N Hand Studio Projects and of course the Chalk Art! The calendar is full and I certainly hope to see you! Happy Creating!

  4. I recently purchased your pattern packet, the pilgrims. I have been painting for over seventeen years and this has to be one of the best I have ever purchased. Twelve color photos and very detailed instructions. Thank you

  5. Your work is AMAZING!!! I’m kind of confused. So you don’t sell finished pieces or am I just missing that on your site? I’m not real sure what the pattern would be. Since I’m in Alabama, I can’t come to your classes. 😦
    Cheri Gibbs

    • Thank you so much…your comment makes me smile! The Art that I create is Decorative Art, I create the piece, then put out the pattern to follow to create the piece yourself, whether in pencil or paint….the pattern has a supply list, instructions, a line drawing and many photos to help along the way….I do occasionally sell my duplicates from the classes I teach…they can be found on the ‘Samples and Duplicates’ tab! This will be updated to include more after the Holidays. Also…if you follow along on the blog there are a few free patterns to click onto and print, this will give you an idea of what a pattern is! Also…there are a few how-to videos too! Stop by often…always new things in the works!

  6. Loved my first chalk and chew. I think I may have a new addiction!! I am looking forward to the next class already. ❤️

  7. Amy your designs are gorgeous! I especially love your Rudolph! I’m somewhat confused…how do we get patterns? I’d like to get your Rudolph! 🙂 Thanks

  8. This is fun! I love seeing your blogs..it’s giving us an opportunity to follow you all and see your art! Your Rudolph is especially ADORABLE! I’m definitely putting you on my list ! 🙂

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