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You have crafting scraps of this and that in a craft bin, closet or room ~ waiting for you. Waiting for you to create the perfect little gift for a friend…..just because!

A simple apple, a few scraps of scrapbooking paper, a grocery shop paper bag, a straw……and your new Classic Cling Rubber Stamp ‘County Fair Caramel Apples’, is all that is needed to create a gift for a friend….just because.

Adding a little caramel makes it even sweeter!

Simply cut a grocery shop paper bag into a card shape, stamp it, fold and glue to a larger piece of printed plaid scrapbooking paper….and now you have a simple card to attached to an apple. The straw is simply placed over the stem….then add matching printed plaid scrapbooking paper cut into a banner flag to top it off.

oh and matching baker’s twine, don’t forget the baker’s twine!

add a sweet note and you have a perfect little gift…..just because.

The inspiration for the stamp is the Classic Chalk Art Pattern ‘Gather’ ~ a fun quick piece to create for your Autumn Décor. The Pattern is available here.


How ’bout a seasonal treat for a friend ….using the Classic Cling Rubber Stamp ‘Matilda’ as a buckle to a Halloween hat……just because.

Gather your supplies…..a paper mache cone hat (can be found at Hobby Lobby), scrap card stock in black, printed Halloween scrapbooking paper (I used skeleton keys), a little black netting and DecoArt Paint….oh and glitter, don’t forget the glitter!

Simply made by cutting black card stock into a frame and inset to the frame, then distressing with DecoArt Paint Graphite and Neutral Grey. Then adding DecoArt Paint Pumpkin to the inset only ~ to distress over the Greys. Paint the Halloween hat, Lamp Black and distress as well. Then Glue the printed Halloween scrapbooking paper to the top of the hat using the template here ~ this is from another fun post to create a Halloween hat! Then adhere black glitter (I used Miss Mustard Seed German Glass Glitter in Flapper Black) by using DecoArt Decoupage.…around the frame and rim of hat.

Adding the ‘Matilda’ Classic Cling Rubber Stamp to the inset by using embossing ink and black embossing powder….heat it up and you have a shiny fun look!

Attach all together with glue….add the netting or any embellishments you have……black baker’s twine would be fun too!

Matilda is Inspired by…… this 24 x 24 canvas in pencil and paint. One of my favorites to create again and again….

Place the Halloween hat on top of a pumpkin and you have the perfect seasonal friendship gift……just because!


If you missed it… here for a few ideas introducing the Classic Cling Rubber Stamps!

Each Stamp is available individually or as a set of 10….the choice is yours. Save $1.00 on each stamp and on shipping with a purchase of the set.

Available to you ~ click here.


There is no sweeter way to give a gift from your heart than to create it with your hands…..and heart, just because.



Coming Soon ~ ‘Square Peg Round Hole’, Cotton’ Pickin’ Wreath with Holly, Autumn Vignette, Bread Basket Gift Set, New Ribbon Catchers!

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