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Painting Baker’s Twine

As you can see from the Decorative Art patterns I have designed and created for you, I am a little vintage, a little homespun, with some added charm and a touch of whimsy!

Simple Goodness Tin Cake Pedestal
Simple Goodness Tin Cake Pedestal

Most of the designs I have created include a manilla tag and baker’s twine, although I do not set out to include these elements in my designs….they somehow end up there!  I do believe they fill a space, feel homespun and can make the painting personal to the painter.

A few examples….

A spool of baker’s twine with a stamped tag – from acrylic pattern Keepsakes

Twine 2

Baker’s twine adding interest to a Christmas favorite- from acrylic pattern Pantry Sweets

Twine 3

Twine wrapping an ol’ handle – from acrylic pattern Cookie Exchange

Twine 1

Baker’s twine wrapping around a few candy canes with a tag, add a name or date….a chance to personalize your piece…

a colored pencil pattern – Sweet Treats

Twine 4

Since Baker’s twine has been a part of most of my designs I wanted to share a short video on how I add the twine to a painted piece.

The pencil discussed on the video is General’s Charcoal White, the brush is Loew Cornell 7050C #1 Script Liner, and the paint is Americana DecoArt Light Buttermilk and Country Red.

A note:  This is my first attempt at creating, saving and editing a video, I promise I will get better with time!  That being said, I did forget one important place to shade after the string is created, shade behind and under where to string crosses over itself.

While browsing thru the acrylic and pencil patterns (see tabs) …take special note of all the different tags and twine I have used….

I will be working to finish the design used in todays video, along with the pumpkin and tag design shown, these designs will be available this fall thru this blog page!

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